Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Pickin' in the Pasture 2024


The 5th Annual "Pickin' in the Pasture" concert, featuring Kevin Fowler, will be Saturday, June 8, at Warren's Backyard. Presale tickets are $45. All proceeds from the event will fund The Hood County Children's Charity Fund's annual back-to-school clothing shopping days.

The mission of The Hood County Children's Charity Fund (HCCCF) is to provide for the economic, physical, educational and emotional needs of children in Hood County. "Our organization can truly make a difference in a child's life," board President Charlotte Kuykendall said. When asked if one person can make a difference, she said, "The story of how Hood County Children's Charity Fund came to be offers a resounding 'Yes!'" 

One frosty winter morning in 1984, a Granbury mother, Paula Evans, dropped her child off at her elementary school and then went on to work. On her drive, she noticed several children walking to school in the cold wearing summer clothes and sandals. Distressed, Evans shared what she had just seen with her coworkers, and they all felt called to action. Within a day, the children had warm coats and more. 

It was a typical day in the life of a local teacher when she noticed children in dire need of essentials. Her concern sparked the birth of the Heavenly Closets program — something that would inevitably change the lives of many students. Today, HCCCF's board of 15 community leaders is proud of its efforts as it continues to meet the needs of Hood County’s students with clean clothes and new shoes. 

HCCCF shows strength in numbers as it partners with other charitable organizations to develop more effective methods of meeting children's needs. It awards scholarships for trade schools and funds for various unmet needs, including medical and dental emergencies, urgent utility bills and Christmas gifts, among other types of assistance.

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