Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Granbury volunteer firefighter honored for heroic, life-saving action


A member of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department was publicly recognized Tuesday, May 28, during the Hood County Commissioners Court for his heroic actions in saving an individual’s life.

According to Precinct 3 Commissioner Jack Wilson, firefighter/paramedic Joshua Tanner Green was traveling north toward Weatherford March 29, when he came upon a wreck and began to slow down.

As he neared the scene, Green discovered there was a rather serious wreck involving a motorcycle. Several people had stopped and were talking to the injured rider and an unknown gentleman was holding pressure on the injured man’s thigh. As Green approached, he noticed the bleeding was severe.

From his years of being a combat medic from October 2009 to November 2017 — and with two tours to Afghanistan — Green always made sure to keep a tourniquet ready. He ran back to his truck to grab the tourniquet and quickly applied it to the injured individual. He then began to assess the patient by borrowing a phone to look at the patient’s pupils.

After firefighters and EMS arrived on scene, Green notified the paramedic of the tourniquet placement and exam findings. He continued to assist in further treatment until a helicopter arrived to transport the rider to a hospital.

According to the proclamation, emergency room doctors stated that had Green not stopped and placed the tourniquet on the injured man, he would have bled to death at the scene from his injuries.

"I, Jack Wilson, commissioner for Precinct 3, along with all the members of the Commissioners Court of Hood County, Texas, do hereby recognize and congratulate Mr. Joshua Tanner Green for his heroic lifesaving efforts that saved the victim’s life,” Wilson said.

He also encouraged all citizens of Hood County to join him in recognizing Green as he continues to serve the residents of Hood County, Irving Fire Department, and his ongoing service as a member of the Texas Army National Guard where he is assigned to Texas Medical Detachment 1 in Grand Prairie as a combat medic.