Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Let’s Get Wise About Texas


Fair warning: listening to podcasts can be habit-forming, and if you have not yet tried consuming podcasts, or aren’t sure what they are, it’s really pretty simple: they’re talk shows similar to what you might find on broadcast radio, that have been recorded so you can download or stream them and listen whenever you want.

Both Apple, Google, and many others have free mobile podcast apps, and most podcasters have websites where you can also listen. As with any other popular media (television, internet, radio, etc.), there are a wide variety of topics and hosts, some very good and some not so good.

My personal favorite podcasts are typically history-related, and several years ago I stumbled upon one called “Wise About Texas,” hosted by Justice Ken Wise*, and I was immediately hooked, both with the topics he covered and his delivery. As the title suggests, “Wise About Texas” is focused on Texas History, and he closes almost every episode with what he calls “Getting There,” where he tells how to visit the sites and/or places featured in that episode.

This year, 2023, is the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Texas Rangers, and this upcoming November 9, The Bridge Street History Center’s Ramay-Macatee Lecture Series will have Justice Wise as our featured speaker, and his topic will be about the origins of the Texas Rangers. There is even a local connection to an event known as The Choctaw Tom Massacre that occurred the day after Christmas in 1858 and involved Texas Ranger RIP Ford and Peter Garland, father of Sue Garland Nutt (wife of David L. Nutt), that Justice Wise will discuss, and if you’re interested in this event, do a Google search for “Peter Garland and Choctaw Tom,” it was even mentioned in the classic book about Texas “Goodbye To A River” by John Graves. Tickets are available on The New Granbury Live website and we’re expecting a crowd, so it would be a good idea to go ahead and reserve your tickets now for what will certainly be an interesting and informative evening.

*Justice Wise was appointed to the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston by Governor Rick Perry in October 2013.

Learn more about the podcast at and tickets are available at