Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Hot meals and a friendly smile delivered five days a week


In the banking industry within a small town, we are blessed to be able to serve customers with a personal touch. Small towns have an advantage over our larger counterparts in that we really have the chance to get to know many of our community members. We watch families grow, know everyone’s name, see each other at the store and at every function that serves our community. It becomes difficult when those we have known for years grow older and lose the ability to join us in these activities or become isolated to the extent they are no longer able to leave the house. When this happens, it sometimes becomes particularly difficult for them to purchase groceries or even cook at home. Fortunately, the Hood County Senior Center has the ability to fill in that gap when our older community members need a little extra help.

Since 1977, the Hood County Senior Center has cared for our local senior population in one way or another. For those who are able to enjoy the center in person, the art and exercise classes, live music, dancing, day trips and games help our clients make personal connections and lifelong friends. But for those who are homebound and unable to enjoy personal interaction, home-delivered meals enable those center clients an opportunity to see a smiling face once a day, Monday through Friday.

People need communication. People need compassion. People need to know someone is checking in, and that they do so because they care. Can you imagine how difficult it must be for seniors who are alone, with no family and an inability to leave the house? Health issues, among other things, can prevent personal interaction and may even hinder a senior from getting medical attention in an emergency situation. Home meal delivery may be the only personal contact some seniors have during the day. Your local Hood County Senior Center is incredibly proud to provide a hot meal and a friendly smile to make the day brighter, or safer. Please give the center a call to learn about how to receive a home-delivered meal. In addition, if you are interested in delivering meals to our clients, we are always in need of volunteers and would love an opportunity to show you what the center does for our senior community members firsthand!

The Hood County Senior Center has been committed to providing services tailored to the unique needs of Hood County senior citizens for nearly 50 years. If you would like more information on client services for yourself or a family member, please contact the center at (817) 573-5533, or donate directly online to your local Hood County Meals on Wheels Program at Meals on Wheels Hood County (