Thursday, April 25, 2024

Friday night lights: ‘Closing agreement’ posted for game day in 1927



Looking Back in Sports is a column that highlights articles retrieved from local newspaper archives that were published in years past.


November 1927

This was decades before the motion picture “Friday Night Lights” came out, but it still illustrates that the popularity of high school football is nothing new.

The Nov. 11, 1927 edition of The Granbury News featured a box with a header that said “Closing Agreement” — noting that 40 businesses and/or offices had agreed to close between 1-6 p.m. “for the football game between Granbury Pirates and Stephenville High School.” A line at the end states, “Let’s all go to the game, also.” In addition to multiple businesses, among those listed on the “Closing Agreement” were offices of the district judge, sheriff, district clerk, county judge and justice of the peace.


November 1938

While organized school sports were not reported in abundance until later years, a brief article found in the Nov. 24, 1938 edition of the Hood County Tablet reported on a successful deer hunting trip.

The story states: “Six local hunters have returned from a deer hunt in Mason County, bringing back seven bucks. Those making the trip were Glen Porter, Ramsey Mitchell, Henry Henslee, Huh (possibly "Hugh”) Gaither, ‘Doodle’ Thrash and John Coulston. They report a very exciting time with plenty of good shooting.”33 YEARS AGO


November 1989

In the Nov. 25, 1989 edition of the Hood County News — two days after Thanksgiving Day — Granbury High School’s 79-59 boys basketball victory over Azle was reported. The top scorers for the Pirates were John Green and Cody Overstreet, with 15 points apiece. Next for GHS were Terry Fowler with 11 points and Phairet Kemper with 10.


November 1991

Under the header “Sports Forum,” in the Nov. 23, 1991 edition of the Hood County News, two letters to the editor were printed in response to a column titled “Sports writer throws the flag on pee-wee football,” by Sports Editor Clay Rasmussen. Here is one of those letters:

“Dear Mr. Rasmussen,

My name is Mark Self. I am 9-1/2 years old. I disagree in that football is too rough for little league. I think that because I am in little league football. I also haven’t got hurt in football yet. The only time I got hurt was in baseball. A lot of people get hurt in baseball. My rib got almost broke. See football is not rough for little league. If I was you I would think twice. We can still play football. You gotta love it.”

Yes, as young Mr. Self wrote, you gotta love it.