Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Revving Up: The LSSRA’s 49th State Run


For anyone who has ever marveled at the sleek curves of a vintage car or felt the rush of excitement at a bustling car show, the Lone Star Street Rod Association's Annual State Run (LSSRA) in Granbury is an event not to be missed. This year’s celebration of automotive craftsmanship and fellowship is June 7-9. Car enthusiasts and the curious from across Texas and beyond are welcome to visit for a weekend of sports fun.


More than a display of shining chrome and roaring engines, the (LSSRA) State Run demonstrates the interest, passion, commitment and community spirit to the automobile sport.

Founded in 1974 with only 16 members, the LSSRA is a community of individuals bonded by their love for all things automotive. And the Annual State Run isn't your average car show — it's a vibrant gathering where people come to share stories, swap tips and experience the beauty of classic vehicles. Over the years, the association has expanded its scope, welcoming cars from 1972 and older and, more recently, the club changed its policy.

“In 2011 the members voted to include all vehicles from 1972 and older and in 2023, the members voted to have a rolling date of 30 years, so now we include more newer vehicles to the show. This means, starting next year, at our 50th Annual State Run, we will be including vehicles from 1995 and older,” said longtime member of the LSSRA, editor and representative Eric Laudahl.


Laudahl shares the association's mission, saying, "We're not just showcasing cars; we're building friendships and giving back to the community." It's this sense of friendship and camaraderie that sets the State Run apart, making it more than just an event — it's a family reunion with a side of horsepower.

Laudahl highlights the core ideals that drive the LSSRA and the State Run: "Safety, recognition, participation, promotion, coordination and communication are the pillars that guide our efforts. From advocating for safe driving practices to promoting camaraderie among enthusiasts, we strive to positively impact our community," he says. The association also actively supports rod enthusiasts by advocating for their interests in areas such as vehicle legislation and public perception at the state level.


The LSSRA events are made possible through active participation from its members, whether it's attending runs, contributing to newsletters, or getting involved in benefit drives. The club’s emphasis on engagement reflects the belief that the more you invest in the sport, the more rewarding the experience becomes.

By promoting their passion, street rod enthusiasts can win over the public, government and fellow fans, making the hobby even more popular and respected. But with so many events happening at the same time across Texas, staying organized is key. The Lone Star Street Rod Association (LSSRA) rises to the challenge of coordination by pulling together to make sure each event is a hit, thanks to their teamwork and community spirit.

Effective communication among Texas rodders happens with the sharing of ideas; the LSSRA keeps the sport active and up to date, ensuring that it continues to thrive for years to come. So, whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or simply curious about the world of street rodding, the LSSRA invites you to join in its efforts to promote safety, fellowship and advocacy within the dynamic world of classic cars.


With its warm hospitality and scenic charm, Granbury has been the cherished host city for the Annual State Run for the past eight years. LSSRA and Laudahl are grateful to the city of Granbury and its residents. emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community that welcomes them with open arms.


Reflecting on his own journey into the world of cars, Laudahl shares fond memories of learning and bonding with his father in the garage. "My father was into cars at a young age and was a man of many talents, including mechanics,” Laudahl says, “That is where I grew up, in the garage, learning and doing. He restored multiple classics in his time, but we spent a lot of time on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS, a true labor of love. Now that I am older, I still have the passion for vehicles, and my wife, Carol, is right there with me.”


The success of the Annual State Run is only possible with the dedication of numerous individuals, including the nine core board members, and the support of the host car club. Laudahl acknowledges the invaluable contributions of each LSSRA member and extends gratitude to their spouses for their unwavering support.

The State Run isn't just about admiring vintage rides; it's also an opportunity to promote safety, recognize achievements and foster community participation. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just curious about classic cars, there's something for everyone at this one-of-a-kind event.


As the 50th Annual State Run approaches, Laudahl extends a warm invitation to all. "Come join us for a weekend of fun, friendship and fantastic cars," he says. "Whether you're a car lover or just looking for a good time, you won't be disappointed."

So, mark your calendars for June 7-9 and head to the Granbury Conference Center to register for the State Run. Admission is free, so bring the whole family and experience the thrill of vintage cars and community unity firsthand. It's an event you'll remember long after the engines have stopped roaring.

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