Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Persevering through: Granbury student continues to compete at Junior Livestock show following loss of goat


The Hood County Junior Livestock show is a much-anticipated event for kids all over the county. The show, produced annually by the Hood County Junior Livestock Raisers Association, had a total of 938 entries for the five-day event that took place from Jan. 9-13. One entrant in particular has persevered through hard times to continue to be part of this annual show.

Kynlee Greene, a sophomore at Granbury High School, participated in her first show last year. She initially was inspired to compete by her mom who had shown in high school. Greene decided she would follow in her mom’s footsteps and show as well, and Greene picked a goat to show.

Greene was beyond excited to pick up her first ever lamb and even chose the name “Buddy” before picking him up. After getting Buddy settled into his new home, Greene went to bed for the night.

The following morning, Greene’s mother woke her up and told Kynlee they needed to head to the barn because something unexpected had happened. Greene’s mother told her the agriculture teacher called and informed them Buddy had passed away the night before.

“I immediately broke down in tears. This was a major setback for me,” Greene told the HCN. “But I didn’t let that stop me from pursuing this dream of mine.”

Greene was able to take in another lamb after the loss of Buddy and get out in ring. This past summer, Greene was able to earn some banners following multiple wins. She now has a total of three lambs and will be showing two at the livestock show.

“Being a sophomore, I still have a lot more to learn and experience,” Greene said. “My favorite part would have to be the opportunity to meet new people. I love getting to hear other people’s stories and experiences they have faced. I also love getting to spread the truth about agriculture and how it has impacted my life deeply.”

She was selected to be a Granbury FFA officer last April after a lengthy process. First, she had to take and pass a quiz as well as create a video about why she wanted to become an officer. The video was shown to the FFA members who voted for those they wanted to represent them. Greene then had to go through an interview process. She successfully obtained the role and said it has led her to many great opportunities.

Greene plans to pursue a career related to agriculture following graduation.

“Showing has taught me many lessons and continues to,” Green said. “I can’t wait to see where agriculture will take me next.”