Saturday, March 2, 2024

Councilman Steven Vale elected mayor pro tem


Granbury City Council elected Steven Vale, Place 5 council member, to the office of mayor pro tem during a regularly scheduled meeting Dec. 19, following former Mayor Pro Tem Trish Burwell’s decision not to run for re-election on the council. 

During the meeting, Place 3 Council Member Bruce Wadley nominated Vale as mayor pro tem. He explained that although Greg Corrigan has been on the council for six years, Eddie Rodriguez for four, and Vale only two, Vale’s three years on the Planning and Zoning Commission speaks volumes to his experience.  

“He certainly understands the job,” Wadley said. “But the main reason (for my nomination) is he's the most available of all of us. All of us work. We all have jobs, but Steven goes to everything. He's at Rise & Grind every week. He's on other boards. We all are involved in this community, or we wouldn't be up here, but I think he's more involved than any of us and I appreciate his service to the city of Granbury, so he's my nomination.” 

With no other nominations forthcoming, Mayor Jim Jarratt put Vale’s nomination to a vote, with all members voting “aye.” 

"All in favor of naming Mr. Steven Vale as our mayor pro-tem, say ‘aye’. All opposed say ‘nay,’” Jarratt said. “Mr. Vale did not say ‘nay,’ so I think we're good.” 

Jarratt congratulated Vale, Burwell and newly-elected council member Gary “Skip” Overdier for their new positions. 

“I will say the young lady sitting back here in red, she did a fantastic job as mayor pro tem,” Jarratt added, referring to Burwell. “If I was not available, she was the mayor and if I was not going to be here, I knew it was going to be handled great, so thank you, Trish. Thank you again. We're going to be saying that a lot.”