Thursday, April 25, 2024

Construction to begin soon on Sandstone Estates


Construction of houses will soon get underway at Sandstone Estates, a development of 105 residences, including 22 patio homes.

The gated community is on the northeast corner of Loop 567 and Highway 51, cattycorner from the Shell station and convenience store.

Just a couple minutes’ drive from downtown, the neighborhood, when completed, will feature a dog park, pedestrian trails, grills, and a grassy area where children can play.

The project was approved by the Granbury City Council in October 2018 and is not subject to the city-wide development moratorium imposed last year due to a delay in building a second wastewater treatment plant.

Developer Carl Greer, who built Gemstone Estates on the Fort Worth side of Granbury and the newer Josiah Estates off Water’s Edge Drive, said that infrastructure work has been done and streets were connected to the loop in early March.

He said that he won’t do fencing and landscaping until the project is “green-tagged,” or approved, by the city, which he hopes will happen by mid-April.

The development’s double, divided main entrance off the loop will have walls, landscaping, and pavers, Greer stated. Residents will be also able to use a back entrance off Holly Hills Cemetery Road.

Building for phases 1 and 2, which consist of 61 lots, is expected to soon get underway and Greer said he intends to begin on the project’s commercial component sometime this year. Phase 3 construction is expected to begin early next year.

Greer, who has been in the development and building business for more than 40 years, said that he differs in some ways from other developers.

For instance, while many developers sell lots only to builders, those interested in living at Sandstone Estates will be able to choose their lot and their builder. Greer said he is happy to recommend local builders who do quality work, such as Al and Donny Couto, and Walter Hardin.

As for the patio homes, Greer said that most or all of them will likely be built by Preferred Homes in Mansfield. He said that Preferred’s Kelly Pollard already has five designs selected for Sandstone Estates.

Water and sewer services will be provided by the city of Granbury, and there will be gas utilities.

Sandstone Estates is a mixed-lot development with frontages of 40, 60, and 70 feet that Greer said will “establish several price points.”

He said that some dwellings will be in the 1,700-2,000-square-foot range and will likely cost about $395,000, while some of the larger homes might run about $500,000.

Those interested in Sandstone Estates can contact Greer at 817-274-7137 or