Monday, May 20, 2024

City offers free paper shredding service April 13


Is your house cluttered with old bills, bank statements and unneeded tax returns? If so, the city of Granbury is here to help.

Shred It Instead, the city’s free paper shredding service, will allow Granbury residents to shred three boxes of paper at the Lake Granbury Conference Center from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 13.

“Between 9 and noon that morning, people can bring up to three boxes of paper — only paper, nothing else —and if they can pop the trunk lid or something, we'll have people that will take it out of their trunk and put it in the shredder for them,” Communications Manager Jeff Newpher told the Hood County News. “They don't even have to get out of their car.”

Residents will be able to drive through the LGCC parking lot while volunteer firefighters will dump their unneeded paperwork into a mobile shred truck.

"I can tell people they shouldn't worry about the security of their old bank statements and tax returns or whatever,” Newpher said. “This is the same company that shreds the city's materials, and obviously if the city entrusts them all year long, then you can trust them with your stuff on April 13.”

Newpher said if anyone has any doubt about the security of the process, they are more than welcome to park their car and take their own papers to the truck.

"You can stay there and watch that if you want to," he said. “We're OK with that.”

Before leaving, residents will also have an opportunity to tour a fire truck, meet Granbury’s finest firefighting volunteers, and donate to the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department. All proceeds will go toward the purchase of firefighting protective gear.

"Drive through, get your paper unloaded, and then park and show your kids a tour of a Granbury firetruck,” Newpher said. "Please also stop and meet some firefighters. Who knows? They might even find a place for you to help either in the volunteer fire department or the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department’s Support Brigade, which is a support group for firefighters here in Granbury.”

For more information about Shred It Instead, visit online.