Monday, May 20, 2024

‘Bride’ your time for Jax2: New event venue to host grand opening May 11


Cresson resident Rosemar Colon never dreamed that she would be making the transition from decorating venues to opening one of her own.

But Saturday, May 11, her decorating “magic” will officially become a career.

“I’ve been in places where they have nothing, but then I decorate and it looks so good,” she explained. “So, I’m just like, ‘Why don’t I get my own place?’”

Colon started to research for the perfect space to accommodate a small, intimate gathering, like micro weddings and quinceañeras.

“My kids go to Granbury schools, and we are close to the area, but (Hood County doesn't) have that concept,” she explained. “They just have like, ranch or outdoors.”

After weeks of searching, she finally found the perfect venue, located at 6141 Contrary Creek Road, Suite D.

“We just got the venue two weeks ago,” she said. “I found this guy, the owner of this building. He just built this. I'm the first one in this space, and I called him. I said, ‘I want to do this. I want to have my venue.’ He's like ‘Yeah, sure.’ I'm like, ‘But um, what's the catch?’ I thought, ‘This is just too easy but let's see,' and yeah, we clicked like, instantly. The deal is being here for my lease time, and then if we grow enough, we're going to tear this wall down and make it even bigger, so we’re trying to get there.”

For the past few weeks, Colon has been putting her blood, sweat and tears into her new business, trying her best to turn it into the venue of her dreams.

"When we got the building, it was just like a storage unit,” she said. “Nothing was in this place.”

But now, the drab, boring storage unit has since transformed into a bright, dazzling venue fit for a queen — or even a bride.

“It's funny because I have never touched a sewing machine in my life, but I made all the drapes. I bought the rolls of fabric online, and I called my mom like, “OK, how do I do this?’ Like, I didn't even know how to use it — but I finished it all. It was just in my mind. Before I got the space, in my brain, I knew. I had everything in my mind. I was sleeping and thinking — that's why I'm exhausted,” Colon said, chuckling. “But yeah, I did it all.”

Featuring sparkling chandeliers, white cascading drapes, polished concrete and colorful uplighting, Colon’s venue is now picturesque, with a splash of elegance.

“We’re almost ready. We're just adding the finishing touches,” she said.

Now for the first time, Colon — who has been decorating on the side for the past 10 years — will soon have the opportunity to showcase her decorating skills in her own venue: Jax2.

Named after her children Joymaris, Angelee, Jacob, and Alisabeth, Jax2 (pronounced “J” “A” times two) will allow brides and graduates to host their perfect intimate gathering with close family and friends.

“I would describe it as a small, modern, industrial-style venue for any kind of intimate events,” Colon said. “You can celebrate whatever it is that you want to celebrate with us, and we're going to take care of you. (Clients are) going to be stress free, because we can do it all for them."

She classified Jax2 as affordable, while at the same time offering her guests the best hands-on service for any type of event.

“My main goal is having an all-inclusive package,” Colon said. “I have partnered with a DJ, professional photographers, caterers, bakers and a small business rental that has photobooths, a mechanical bull and bounce houses. My biggest package is going to be $10,000, but it’s going to include everything — the whole setup. Bartenders, security guards, main tables, cake, food, you name it.”

She said she prides herself on being affordable, but still strives to give the best service possible to her clients.

"We're not trying to be cheap, but we are affordable,” she said. “We're going to (cater) to the people that don't have the money to go to this 300-people ranch and have this huge event, but they want to have something nice still. I know I can make this place look really, really good, and they can have all they want, and still be able to pay for it.”

Colon said she also offers guests the choice between her copper, silver, gold or diamond package.

"I know the stress” she said. “I just had my daughter's quinceañera, so I want to take the stress off the shoulders of other people — that's my goal.”

The official opening date for Jax2 is set for May 11, with Colon also hosting a grand opening celebration from noon-4 p.m. that day.

Following a ribbon cutting, Colon will offer guests free food and cake tastings, along with free coffee.

As a bonus, attendees will also get the option to enter several vendor giveaways.

"I'm going to do (a giveaway of) one of my packages, and then my photographers are going to be doing a giveaway for a free shooting. Every vendor is going to be doing a giveaway,” Colon explained. “So people get to come in, eat, see what this is all about, and they can maybe have a free event in the venue. Even if it's not in the venue, they can still get some free services, so it's going to be fun."

During the grand opening, Colon said she will also offer 20% off every event package for 2024.

"The big package, the $10,000 one, is going to be $8,000 for 2024, and every other package, I will have 20% off all of them, so we're talking about getting the venue like it is now for maybe $1,500 for 10 hours, which isn’t bad at all,” she said. “It's just getting my name out there and getting people to know that we are here, and we can do it all.”

Colon said she already has a micro-wedding scheduled for November, where she will offer the married couple the “whole setup.”

"It's not just a table and some chairs,” she added. “You can have your dream event, but at a fraction of the cost. That's my goal — that's what I want to do for people.”

For more information about Jax2, visit the Facebook page “Jax2 Event Venue,” or email Jax2 can also be found on Instagram: jax2_events_venue and TikTok: jax2.event.venue.