Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The sound of success: Cody Haddock’s plans for GHS bands


Granbury High School is tuning up for an exciting new chapter with the arrival of Cody Haddock, the school’s new director of bands. Haddock, a seasoned music educator with a vibrant background, is ready to lead the GHS band program to new heights.

Growing up in Flower Mound, Cody Haddock’s passion for music was evident from an early age. “I attended Flower Mound High School, where I discovered my love for music,” Haddock recalls. His journey continued at the University of North Texas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education. Today, he resides in Fort Worth with his wife and three children.

Haddock’s teaching career began at Carter Riverside High School in Fort Worth. “My time at CRHS was incredibly fulfilling. We fostered a positive environment that drew many students to join the band,” he shares. Following his success at CRHS, Haddock spent four years at Colleyville’s Heritage High School, where his bands excelled both on the field and on stage.

Now, as he steps into his new role at Granbury High School, Haddock is eager to bring his vision to life. “This year, the goal is excellence in everything we do. The way you do anything is the way you do everything,” he emphasizes. Haddock aims to instill a standard of excellence that will become the cornerstone of the band’s culture, encouraging students to hold each other accountable and strive for their best in every performance and practice.

One of Haddock’s primary long-term goals is to grow the band program’s numbers. “Recruiting has always been a strength of mine,” he explains. “A healthy band program has lots of kids in it. With good numbers, that opens up many opportunities for our students, and all the different band program offerings can shine. This goal will take time, but it will pay off for years to come.”

Granbury has already made a strong impression on Haddock. “There are tons of things to be excited about! It is a lovely town, and the people have been wonderful and welcoming,” he says. He is particularly enthusiastic about the support from the community and administration. “Everyone wants to see the band be at its best, and I am eager to help us get there.”

Haddock’s vision for the GHS bands is not just about numbers and performance; it’s about creating a community where students feel valued and inspired. “Excellence is not just about winning trophies. It’s about setting a high standard in everything we do, from our rehearsals to our performances and even in how we support each other as a band family,” he asserts.

The new director of bands is also focused on the broader impact of music education. “Music education teaches discipline, teamwork and perseverance. These are skills that students will carry with them throughout their lives,” Haddock points out. He believes a robust band program can play a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded, successful individuals.

As Haddock settles into his new role, the excitement is palpable. The students and community of Granbury High School are ready to embark on this new journey with him, eager to see the GHS band program flourish under his leadership.

Haddock’s arrival heralds a promising new era for Granbury High School’s band program. With his emphasis on excellence, community and growth, the future looks bright for the students and the music they will create together. As Haddock puts it, “We are just getting started, and I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.”

Granbury High School, get ready to march to a new beat under the guidance of Cody Haddock — a leader with a vision and a heart full of music.