Wednesday, June 12, 2024

City proclaims May 25 Granbury Masonic Lodge Sesquicentennial Day


Granbury City Council officially proclaimed May 25, 2024, Granbury Masonic Lodge Sesquicentennial Day during a regularly scheduled meeting May 21.

Members — both past and present — of Granbury Masonic Lodge No. 392 have faithfully served the community as public servants, businessmen and participants in area activities and projects for 150 years now.

“The first lodge in Granbury was not in Granbury,” Masonic Lodge Representative Gary Merritt said during the meeting. “It was in Acton out there at that Acton cemetery. You'll find a chapel, and in their stained glass, you'll see the square and compass of the Masons. The reason it was there was because back during that time on horseback, they couldn't get across the river, so they built it there, and then as soon as they built the bridge, it was moved to Granbury. We were on the east side of the square until the year 2000.”

Masons have served in the founding and building of the state of Texas and in great capacity in our American history.

Lodge members also support educational excellence through scholarships and awards to students and teachers in Granbury and surrounding communities.

“We are very involved in infrastructure, and interfacing with charities of Hood County,” Merritt said. “Also, we're very involved with the educational system, not only just the high schools, but all the way through. I just got through presenting scholarships at all three high schools — Lipan, Tolar and Granbury as well.”

Merritt said to celebrate Granbury Masonic Lodge’s 150th anniversary, there will be a get together at 6:30 p.m. May 25, featuring an excellent meal and homemade desserts. Additionally, the Grand Lodge of Texas officers and other dignitaries will be coming in from Waco. The proclamation will also be read by Granbury Judge Alan Hines.

Mayor Jim Jarratt then officially recognized May 25, 2024, as Granbury Masonic Lodge Sesquicentennial Day and congratulated all who have been a part of the Granbury Masonic Lodge.

“One hundred and fifty years,” Jarratt said. “That’s outstanding.”

“Thank you very much for this proclamation,” Merritt said. “It means a lot to us, as does this day for 150 years.”