Thursday, April 25, 2024

A selfless act leads to a hero award for a Tolar Elementary student


A fifth grader at Tolar Elementary School was named a student hero by the Texas Education Agency for District 11. Cameron Taylor was one of 15 students across the state of Texas to receive the prestigious award and the first from Tolar ISD.

The Student Heroes program recognizes Texas public school students in prekindergarten through high school who perform an outstanding volunteer service that benefits their fellow students, schools or communities. To be nominated for the award, the volunteer service project performed by a public or charter school student must not be associated with any curriculum requirement, school service project or community program. 

Cameron was nominated by his counselor, Lynda Foster, who chose him for his acts of kindness, charity and selfless service to others. She had been unaware of the award, but after receiving emails asking for nominations, she immediately thought of Cameron.

“I have known Cameron since he was in pre-k and have been blessed to watch him grow and become this amazing young man,” Foster shared. “He has such a caring heart for others and truly lives out our mission here at Tolar Elementary which is to serve others.  He has wonderful parents who obviously have instilled these qualities in him. I could not think of a sweeter, kinder young man than Cameron to receive this award.”

One notable act of charity from Cameron all started with a goal. According to his mom, Amanda, the two were riding in the car one day when Cameron told her he had a goal for this summer. She asked him what about it and he told her that he wanted to raise as much money possible for kids in the hospital. She asked how he wanted to do that, and he had the idea of a lemonade stand.

Amanda shared that she was shocked by Cameron’s goal and first thought he was going to say something like running faster, becoming a better baseball player or something along those lines.

“At first he wanted to raise money for the kids’ medical bills,” Amanda shared with the HCN. “I told him that was very noble but wasn’t quite sure how that works… As soon as he said it, I knew we, as a family, were going to make it happen. We could not deny this opportunity for our son to grow as a person and reach his goals he created for himself at such a young age.”

When Cameron and Amanda got home, they began researching ways to help the kids at Cook Children’s Medical Center. That’s when he decided he would use the money to buy coloring books, small toys, etc., to bring a smile to the kids’ faces.

Through Cameron’s hard work and kind heart, he raised over $600 dollars with his lemonade stand.

Amanda described Cameron as “kind, witty, genuine and a passionate young man. When he says he is going to do something he works hard to accomplish it.”

Cameron even turned to his 4-year-old brother, Case, for help with the lemonade project, giving him the job of scooping ice into the cups.

“We loved that he was helping instill such acts of kindness in his brother,” Amanda expressed.

Taylor was recognized Feb. 15 at Tolar Elementary, when he was presented a plaque and a medal.

“It fills Ty (Cameron’s father) and I’s heart with joy and a deep level of pride. Cameron is very shy when speaking to people he does not know,” Amanda said. “It was as if God spoke to his heart to create this opportunity for him to grow as a person and step out of his comfort zone.”

Amanda and Ty also credited Tolar Elementary School for instilling “serving others,” and “goal setting” into each of its students. They also thanked the Tolar and Bluff Dale communities who came to support his lemonade stand as well as friends and family.

According to Amanda, Cameron is unsure of why is getting this award and in his own words, “I don’t know why I am getting an award, I just wanted to help kids.”

“We pray Cameron’s idea will spark others with ideas to continue to spread happiness and kindness,” Amanda said.