Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘A culture of connectedness’: AES launches first podcast


Just because school stops for the summer doesn’t mean learning does — and that’s especially the case for Acton Elementary School.

The campus recently launched its first podcast called “The Learning Lounge,” as a goal to bridge communication and learning between the school and its families, while also fostering a culture of connectedness.

“We are always looking for creative ways to engage with families and with all stakeholders,” AES Principal Maggie Walton told the Hood County News. “The great thing about a podcast is that you can access it anywhere, everywhere, and at whatever time is convenient! Many of our families spend a great deal of time in the car, commuting to work, transporting their families to and from various activities, waiting in the pickup line at dismissal — all perfect times to tune in! ... Our hope is that this podcast will allow us to form personal connections with our audience as we cover meaningful and relevant topics.”

The podcast will feature many staff members, students and Hood County residents. Walton added she is most excited to feature student leaders on the podcast, as their perspective is unique.

"Giving them the opportunity to brainstorm and select what content to feature, plan and rehearse, and then record and publish is something we are so excited about,” she said. “What better way to cultivate their creativity than by letting them play a part?”

Podcast topics will include everything from programs and events to community partnerships and student/staff accomplishments.

“In the four episodes that we’ve recorded so far, we’ve featured eight different staff members, each with their own unique passions, experiences and skill sets,” she said. “The knowledge and excitement they bring to the podcast is truly remarkable!”

In addition to the topics that have already been discussed, Walton said she also plans to poll families to see what they want to hear more about.

"We are excited to feature topics that are relevant to our families,” she said.

Each podcast will range from 10-20 minutes, Walton said, adding that the goal is to remain as concise as possible, while also ensuring the content is clear.

During the summer, a new podcast will drop every Tuesday at noon. When the school year starts, Walton said they will most likely shift to two episodes per month, releasing the first and third Tuesday of every month.

“The podcasts will be recorded and broadcasted in the Spotify for Podcasters app and can be accessed in the Spotify app or on any internet browser,” she said. “After each episode is released, the podcast will be posted to all social media accounts to make it easier for our families to tune in. Any materials and/or resources mentioned during each episode will be included in the show notes of the podcast and on the social media posts.”

Walton said she believes the podcast is one more way to help listeners feel more connected, informed and prepared for everything going on at Acton Elementary School.

“The partnerships that we have with our Acton Elementary families and with our local community mean the world to us,” she added. “Tune in to hear about the magical things happening at Acton Elementary! Welcome to the Learning Lounge, an Acton Elementary Podcast.”

To listen to the first episode, “Home Away from Home: The Spirit of Acton Elementary,” visit ...

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