A farmer’s pop quiz

Coffee cup for size comparison. Do you know what the farm tool on the left was called or what it was used for?

A longtime Granbury farmer wants to know if anyone recognizes a tool his father bought for him.

Bobby Styron’s family owned the first farm outside the Granbury for decades, he said. When they sold the rest of the farm equipment and livestock, Bobby kept one tool because he knew what it was but didn’t think anyone else would.

The item has two concave ends about the size of the mouth of a coffee cup connected by a wooden handle, he said. The edges of the concave ends are sharp, and one end is larger than the other, he said.

The family raised hogs, a few cattle and chickens as well as a large garden and orchard. The boys helped harvest the variety of fruit from the orchard and butcher and prepare two to three hogs each year.

If you recognize this item or have an idea how it was used, give us a call or an email explaining what you know about the object and how you learned about it so we can share the information in a future issue of the paper.

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