Newspaper in Education (NIE) is a cooperative effort between Hood County News, Granbury Independent School District and a number of local businesses. The Hood County News provides copies of the newspaper to the school for use in the classroom as an instructional tool. Local businesses cover the cost of these newspapers through sponsorships of the program. Curriculum materials are also provided to help schools use the newspaper as a meaningful resource for student learning. Currently the Hood County News is able to provide these services to students of all grade levels in Granbury, Tolar and Lipan schools (including church schools & home school groups) at no cost to teachers.

Several studies have shown that children and/or adults who regularly read a newspaper demonstrate significant gains in reading skills. A study conducted by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Foundation in 2002 showed that students who use newspapers score significantly higher on standardized tests than do students who do not.

The weekly newspaper provides a dimension of local news and the opportunity to relate to the student’s own life as well as the lives of family and neighbors. Community news is important to the functioning of our democracy because most citizen involvement occurs at the local level. The earlier an individual is exposed to opportunities to serve within their community, the desire to help others develops more rapidly and with greater strength.

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In addition to providing newspapers to schools for text material, the Hood County News includes a full page of youth oriented activities entitled Kid Scoop in its mid-week edition. This weekly feature was developed by a former teacher and contains standards-based activities in every subject from reading to math to science to social studies and more. Kid Scoop is a flexible teaching tool that can be used in countless ways based on individual teaching preference and style.

To join our partnership in education, call (817) 573-7066 and ask for NIE Coordinator Martha Pyron

Why use newspapers?
Many issues and topics in the community newspaper mirror students’ interests, make the newspaper relevant to their world. NIE makes teaching and learning with the newspaper even easier with sponsor-paid newspapers and specially designed curriculum guides and student worksheets. NIE provides students with hands-on learning activities and innovative ideas that turn the newspaper into a multipurpose learning tool. Newspapers provide students with an exciting addition to textbook learning.

The newspaper is a unique tool. Name a subject and today’s paper covers it in some way. It is suited for teaching at any level., from Kindergarten students to adult education. Newspapers are the most up-to-date inexpensive textbook there is. They bridge the gap between classroom and the real world. Newspapers can help students become informed and responsible. Newspapers are motivational and produce positive attitudes toward reading. Everyone can find something they enjoy in the newspaper. Newspapers help students to not only read well, but critically. Once children learn how to use the newspaper to gain information, they have a tool for life.

Support Newspaper in Eduction
Hood County News is forming partnership to benefit Hood County schools through the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program with corporations, local businesses, organizations, subscribers, educators and parents.
Your donation can help provide students with the tools they need to succeed. One hundred percent of your donation pays for newspapers at a reduced cost, allowing your NIE gift to buy at least twice as many papers for students than would be available at a non-NIE subscription rate.

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