Here’s what back to school looked like for students returning to the classroom this week. Send us yours at [email protected] or by using #back2schoolHC on social media. Thank you!

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Mark and Jennifer Diebold with Trinity Diebold, an Acton Elementary fifth grader. Photo courtesy of Mark Diebold.
Fynlee Gomas is a kindergartener at Oak Woods Elementary. Photo by Shena Tidwell.
Redden Cummings, 3, is going to the preschool at Cornerstone Christian Academy! Her brother is close behind her. Photo by Amanda Cummings.
Joe Schmidt on his first day of kindergarten and on the first day of his senior year at Granbury High School. Photo by Steve Schmidt.
Lucy Tanner first day of Wee School ( Lakeside Baptist Church). Daughter of Derek and Amber Tanner. Photo by Amber Tanner.
Dillon Morris, seventh grade, Grambury Middle School. Photo by Shonda Powell.
READY TO GO: Andrew Morris, eighth grade, Granbury Middle School. Photo by Shonda Powell.