Abuse victims have hope, options, survivor says

Domestic violence survivor Dawn Milson said she stayed with her husband through 13 years of stabbings and beatings because he threatened to kill her family members if she left, Milson told the audience at Wednesday night’s We’ve had Enough Abuse meeting.

Now, Milson works with the We’ve Had Enough Abuse program to saturate the community with information about abuse and people who can help victims.

The Enough program, operated by the Hood County Victims Advocacy office and Mission Granbury Victim Services, provides training and resources to businesses, organizations and individuals about the kinds of abuse and how to help victims, said Mary Flores, crime victims advocate for the county.

Mission Granbury’s Ada Carey Family Violence Shelter is a resource for those ready to leave an abuser, said Shelly Muncy, victim services director for the mission. But the mission can also help victims who are not ready to leave their abuser create safety plans to minimize risk during violent events and prepare for when they decide to leave, Muncy said. The mission can also help victims contact law enforcement, file protective orders, replace documents like driver’s licenses and birth certificates, and file for divorce.