• Flood waters keep flowing

    FloodingFlood waters have reached the bottom of houses in Rolling Hills Shores along the Brazos River. The water is expected to continue to rise over the weekend. Melissa Weir photo

  • Judge Cockerham signs disaster declaration May 30, 2015

    Emergency Management Coordinator Ray Wilson told the Hood County News on Friday that County Judge Darrell Cockerham signed a disaster declaration for the county, good for seven days, because of the potential damage from rising floodwater. It will also make it easier for the county to get assistance from the state, if needed during that period. Wilson also reminded residents that if they need to evacuate because of flooding at any time in the next few days, there is a Red Cross facility open in Parker County, at 1007 S. Main St. in Weatherford.

  • Rain is similar to ‘drought breaker’ we had in the 1950s May 30, 2015

    Most ranchers are excited about their full stock tanks and saturated pasture land. One older rancher told Lipan correspondent Debbie Compton that this was a “drought breaker” similar to rains he saw in the 1950s.

  • Student airlifted after playground accident May 29, 2015

    A Baccus Elementary student was airlifted to a Fort Worth hospital after a playground accident Friday at the school, Granbury school district spokesman Jeff Meador said. No other information was released.

  • Road at Pecan Plantation campground closed; old bridge to entrance underwater May 29, 2015

    Pecan Plantation Fire Chief Dave Raffa confirmed that the Ravenswood Road is closed at the campground. Water from the lake is over the road. The old bridge at the entrance is also covered in water.

    Currently the release rate from the deCordova Bend dam is at 39,000 cubic feet per second which is too low for homes to be threatened but the campground could potentially see higher water. Residents are advised to avoid the area.

  • City beach closed due to storm debris May 29, 2015
    The City of Granbury has closed City Beach and placed temporary fencing between the beach and conference center.
    “There is simply too much storm debris washing up into the beach and the adjacent waterway for it to be safe for swimming, floating, etc.,” said assistant city manager Sheri Campbell-Husband.  “We anticipate more of it to come with additional rain.”
    The city does not yet know how long it will need to be closed to protect the public’s safety, but is assuring residents it will reopen as soon as the danger has passed.
    The Brazos River Authority is also advised that boaters and swimmers stay out of the water due to hazardous conditions caused by debris.
  • In Saturday’s Hood County News May 29, 2015

    –The city and Granbury Commerce Center are in various stages of negotiations to bring large-scale industry to Hood County.
    –Residents on the northern end of Lake Granbury keep their eyes peeled on rising water.
    –The National Guard rescues a man and two others from swift water.
    –How to deal with a sinkhole? Build another hole. That’s the city of Granbury’s plan for the Brookshire’s parking lot.
    –The Brazos River Authority has a sophisticated system of managing the flow of water to prevent flooding.

  • Low-water crossings flooded, but no rescues needed May 29, 2015

    Heavy rain Thursday night flooded several low-water crossings in the county, but no rescues were needed, Sheriff Roger Deeds said.

  • Lakewood Hills home destroyed by early-morning fire May 29, 2015

    A vacant lakefront home that was for sale on Cordova Circle in the Lakewood Hills subdivision was destroyed by fire early this morning (Friday, May 29), Deputy Fire Marshal Jeff Young said. The fire, believed to be electrical and storm-related, was called in to 911 shortly before 1 a.m. No injuries were reported.

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