Water supplier giving a break to Rancho Brazos customers

SouthWest Water Company, parent company of Monarch Utilities – water provider for 128 customer accounts in the Rancho Brazos subdivision that was devastated by a tornado Wednesday evening – announced Friday that it is “suspending due dates and balances on current water bills until further notice for Rancho Brazos customers,” according to a statement issued by Director of Operations Ryan Quigley. The news release said customers who have questions are encouraged to call Monarch’s toll-free customer phone line at 866-654-7992. “Once we are given access to the subdivision, we will set up a temporary water-fill station at the water plant site (3708 Sundown Trail),” according to Quigley. “Rancho Brazos customers will be able to fill up water jugs at the fill station. With the level of destruction, any permanent repairs will take some time and we ask for the community’s patience.”