United Co-op working to restore power to tornado-affected areas

According to a statement from United Cooperative Services, which provides electrical power to the Rancho Brazos subdivision that was devastated by the May 15 killer tornado that flattened much of that area, all United members who have been temporarily or permanently displaced by the disaster are being urged to contact the power company’s office as soon as possible this week in order to provide good contact information through the restoration process. “Our board of directors approved an additional measure Friday to forgive current electric bills of any member whose primary residence has been completely or severely damaged by the tornado,” said Mauri Montgomery, vice president of media and community relations. “Once debris has been cleared for our engineering and construction crews, we estimate the first phase of that reconstruction work will be completed in days, not weeks.” He noted that in the span of 10 to 12 hours following the tornado strike, United crews were able to restore power to all but about 380 members, mostly in the Rancho Brazos area.