Transplant to Granbury area hooked on stripers

August 2, 2014

BIG DAY AT PK: (From left) Bill Saliba of Granbury, along with his niece and nephew Annie and Ricky Willets, enjoyed a good day catching Brazos stripers recently on Possum Kingdom.

Bill Saliba moved to the Granbury area in 1990.

Bill was an avid angler even before moving to the Granbury area from southeast Michigan.

Bill started out on Granbury back in the early 90s fishing for black bass and white bass. If you fished Granbury back then, you most certainly would run into striped bass, and that is exactly what happened with Bill.

He said he started catching striped bass “stripers” in Lake Granbury and quickly became hooked. He has been a striper angler ever since.

I can relate as my first striper on Granbury that hooked me was in the late 80s and it topped 16 pounds..

Bill likes to take his kayak to several deeper holes in the Brazos River during the winter and fish with live or cut bait on free lines for stripers. His personal best striper catch in the river below Granbury during the winter months was just over 10 pounds. Catching a 10-pound fish from a kayak would be exciting and fun.

Bill also likes to choose his fishing times according to the lunar tables. The lunar predicted times can be accurate on when fish feed.

His best spot on the main Lake is right near the dam. Bill also likes the Striper Alley area near the intake to the power plant.

“I have caught limits of 25- to 26-inch stripers near the power lines in Striper Alley years back,” he said.

His personal best striper on the main lake is around 8 pounds.

Bill said the amount of small stripers in Granbury is a good sign for the future. The sand bass are numerous as well, and the fishing is good.


Water temperatures have risen on the warmer days into the 90s and mid to upper 80s on the main lake. The lake is about 5 feet low and falling.

Sand bass and small stripers continue to “boil” the surface early and late. They surface in different areas on different days. The lower ends have more consistent surface feeding.

Black bass to 6 pounds continue to be caught mid-lake near submerged brush. Some catfish continue to be caught mid-lake under deeper docks by marinas.

Squaw Creek black bass fishing has slowed some, but some anglers continue to catch fish to 7 pounds on deep diving crankbaits and soft plastics.

Water temperatures are approaching 100 on this power plant lake.

Channel catfish are abundant and are good on cut bait or prepared baits. Tilapia numbers are unbelievable when located.

Possum Kingdom stripers are good to 12 pounds on live bait on the lower ends. Sand bass on Whitney and Possum Kingdom are also good trolling or with the use of slabs. Benbrook hybrids are good to 7 pounds on live bait fished on the main lake area by Dutch Branch and Robertson’s Slough.

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