The early angler catches the fish

July 19, 2014

We are still fairly early in the summer, but those typical summer patterns are essentially in place.

In the heat of the summer, the morning is typically your friend. When I say morning, I am not talking about getting on the water at 9 a.m. I am talking about getting on the water before the sun rises where the light is just sufficient to navigate.

Right now, I would be on the fishing hole by 6:15 a.m. The morning bite may be the best time or it may be only for a short duration but you should not miss this opportunity.


Summertime fish are known to suspend and you can rely on your electronic to locate these fish. With a thermocline present on many lakes, the fish tend to suspend as the only survivable water will be at the thermocline and above. Many anglers fishing for sand bass, hybrids or stripers use trolling/downrigging techniques to catch these fish. Many folks will troll a crankbait behind the boat or position a jig or crankbait at a certain depth controlled via a down rigger.

One inexpensive trolling rig used by many guides is called a “Hell-Pet.” This is where you tie a “Pet Spoon” with a couple feet of leader to the hook eye on the “Hell Bender” crank bait. The Hell Bender acts as a diving device and as an attractor, and the fish typically hits the spoon trailer. These Pet Spoons and Hell Benders are available at most sporting goods stores.

Eventually while trolling you will locate some active fish where it may be prudent to stop and work that area. This is where a variety of baits will work. I like using slabs or spoons. If the fish are suspended, it may be prudent to reel up through the fish and let the slab fall through the active fish.

If you can locate fish and bait with your graph in the summer “huddled” on the bottom at a depth above the thermocline, this is usually a good indicator that fish will take a slab. It doesn’t have to be a slab, but any type lure that will mimic a baitfish and can be bounced off the bottom.


Granbury water temperatures are hovering near the middle 80s or slightly above. We could use some more rain and some is in the forecast as I write this article Small stripers and sand bass are good to excellent on slabs and small jigs fished under a popping cork on the lower ends of the lake. A lot of larger sand bass are being caught fishing under the surfacing fish. Black bass are being caught early and late near boat docks. Catfish continue to be caught in numbers on hot dogs and other prepared baits near mid lake.

Squaw Creek anglers are boasting of good catches of black bass fished on the upper ends and in deeper holes midday.

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