Fun fishing can be found in small areas

July 5, 2014

Some of the most active and exciting fishing can be had on your local stock tank, pond or small creek.

You don’t need much equipment and you can generally access these effectively without a boat. These are also great places to take kids fishing as the fish are usually eager to accept most presentations.

A good tackle box with an assortment of small baits is on order, as well as a small ice chest with some refreshments. Even more important is to make sure you put on the sun screen and insect repellent.

My tackle choices would include small spinner baits, jigs, small soft plastics and some topwater baits for artificial offerings. If you want to use live bait, a bucket of small minnows, a can of worms or some grasshoppers may be all you need.

Many local ponds have bass, perch and catfish. Some tanks will only have one predator species.

If you are looking for bass, soft plastics or small spinner baits are fairly deadly. Generally most tanks are not fished often and the fish are fairly easy to catch.

Standard bream colors such as chartreuse or pumpkinseed will work. Darker colors will work, depending on the water clarity. Just have several colors available.

Sometimes most anything will get hit in these small bodies of water.

When using smaller baits, you generally will downsize your tackle to better present them. I prefer to use spinning tackle with 8 -to-10-pound test line. A long 12-to-20-foot cane pole is another option that is effective.

Whatever presentation you use, it is good policy to minimize the weight you use on your rig. In fact, I would rather not have any added weight.

You may need a small 1/16-ounce to 1/8-ounce jig head for many jig applications. If you have heavy moss you may want to go heavier to get through, but if you can minimize the weight you may have more success.

As with any fishing you will have to keep changing until you find a pattern that works. Many times you can locate the fish with a spinner bait or top water bait. If they keep missing the lure, follow with a soft plastic or jig in the same location.

Learn the bottom structure of the tank or pond. Bass will be holding near structure or may be sitting idle near the bottom.

An incoming creek may be the best spot on the tank. An overhanging tree offering some shade this time of the year cannot be passed up.

During the summer the fish are likely to be more aggressive in the early hours of the day and again later in the evening. Catfish, on the other hand, may be more easily caught during the night in the summer.

A good rain this time of the year will turn on most every fish on most every body of water.

Fishing tanks this time of the year is a great pastime. I find it relaxing and exciting, whether it is the small sunfish hitting my presentation or a small bass.

It is hard to pass up a small body of water without giving it a try. That is the kid in me that will never leave.


Lake Granbury, with the added water, has many pleasure boaters out as well as anglers. However, the lake is still around 4.5 feet low, and there are hazards out there.

I am not complaining, just suggesting you don’t let your guard down.

Water temperatures are around the low 80s. Most launches are open. I launched at the dam this past weekend without a problem.

I was, however, still kicking up mud putting the boat back on the trailer at the dam.

Fishing for small stripers and sand bass continues to be good to excellent on most days on slabs. Black bass anglers continue to do well fishing rip rap and newly flooded areas.

Channel catfish are reported as good on prepared baits near docks by the 377 bridge.

Squaw Creek water level went over pool but has settled to normal full level. Water temperatures are really high on Squaw Creek due to the power plant, and because of that there is less traffic on the weekend.

Anglers continue to report good catches of black bass near submerged structure on soft plastics and deep diving crankbaits. The invasive tilapia species continues to be caught in numbers on the main lake on worms.

Look for areas that have moss as they are plant eaters. However, they apparently have a liking for some meat now and then.

Lake Benbrook is about 3 feet low, and some hybrid stripers are being caught. Bridgeport hybrids are good on live bait near the bubblers. Possum Kingdom small stripers and big sand bass are good near the Peanut Patch and near Hogs Bend.

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