Sound Off

April 16, 2014

People protesting on highway 377 Sunday were hiding their faces behind the protest signs. Looks like most did not want to show their faces. The protest stood for nothing under these circumstances.

A huge cheer to Josh McGinnis. To watch the effort he puts into this egg hunt and contact every vendor that participated and had the incredible turnout the Community Wide Easter Egg hunt had is just awesome. We need more of you in Granbury Josh, great job!

Jeers to the people who drive 55 mph in the 75 mph zone. You should not be wondering why people honk and flash their lights at you. Stay in the right lane and don’t drive slowly side by side. Some of us have places to get to.

Cheers to the person who bought lunch for my wife and I on Friday, April 4. Thank you so much. It will be forwarded.

Cheers to the young adults who turn their cheek when it is slapped. Cheers to the young adults who will always take pride in their work ethics no matter how unfair life can be. Cheers to the young adults who are not favored by favoritisms and who can see past politics. These young adults will become great leaders, by their own merits.

Jeer to the person talking about the drivers on 377 flashing lights and tailgating. You must be one of the people that drive in the left lane and won’t move over for the faster traffic. If you read signs on the road it says the left lane is for passing, move over in the right lane where you belong and no one will flash their lights at you.

Finally DFW is catching up to everyone else in the USA and banning plastic bags. Granbury needs to do the same. Our tourism is based on the environment, the outdoors, and the lakes. If we keep it trashed, why would anyone visit? Response to previous sound off, plastic bags are made of petroleum, not trees, they never biodegrade.

Cheers to Mr. Bill! A School Bus Driver who made my grandchildren’s day. They were telling me that Mr. Bill retired and they miss him so very much. They said he would give them treats on Fridays of soft drinks, candy, etc. Thank you Mr. Bill who delivered school children to Pecan Plantation. He paid for these treats himself. Thanks!

With all our local Dock Builders suffering for work, the BRA should hire them to use their barrages to go into the lake and cut down a lot of the stumps and hazards we can now see. It would be a win-win for everyone!

Cheers to Mrs. Reagan Garrison and all the volunteers in the BEAM Program at Baccus Elementary. Thank you for making a difference in children’s lives.

Cheers to the gentleman, who, Sunday, April 6, in the pouring rain, parked his car, got out and helped my husband and myself transfer our groceries from our cart to our car. Truly a good Samaritan. Thank you!

It would be so nice to be able to order food for delivery besides pizza for a change. Some of us seniors cannot go out to eat and rely on home deliveries.

Jeers to the person that lets their 10 year old child ride around with a boyfriend that has no license.

Jeers to all the business owners who call themselves Christians and open their business on Easter. Did you decide your finances are more important than Gods will for our families. This is an important day to ALL Christians. I hope you make lots of money but the fact is: When you seek the Lords guidance for your life he will take care of all else.

Jeers to our county! All surrounding areas have a water park, why do we refuse every offer who tries to come to Granbury!

Cheers to Agape Sunday School class and the Widowers Sunday School class of Lakeside Baptist Church! What a surprise on Monday to walk in to our new Teachers’ Lounge. It brings us so much happiness! You are a beautiful, endearing group of individuals!

Any chance the road in front of NAPA and the motorcycle shop could get fixed?!

Jeers to the Atheist movie “NOAH.” Don’t go see this thinking it’s a Christian Movie, it’s not, it does not follow the Bible at all, the only thing that is in the movie and Bible is a man name Noah, Rain and an Ark, there were no Rock Monsters, and they did not build the Ark it was Noah and his sons. It’s Hollywood garbage.

Cheers to the Lakeside Baptist Church Sunday School class who updated and renovated the teacher’s lounge at Baccus Elementary School. They also left treats and goodies, as well as the kindest, personalized notes in our boxes. What an amazing way to start the week! We could not be more thankful for what you all did! Simply blessed.

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