Sound Off

April 2, 2014

• Cheers to Wendy Davis for caring about Texans regardless of race, gender or age. She really believes in equality and justice for all Texans.

• Why don’t we hire Samantha Morrow to replace Leta Andrews?

• Cheers to the community of Hood County! As a member of the armed forces, I see how many people from our community are in the military and it should be a great deal of pride to every person in Granbury, Tolar, and Lipan that we have so many brave young men and women protecting our country.

• My grandma and I were enjoying lunch Sunday afternoon, when we asked for our check, the waitress informed us that a nice gentleman had already paid our tab. We would like to thank you for that. If more people in this world were like you, this world would be a much better place.

• Jeers to a local business that has cars towed away. We went to said business at 11 a.m. Saturday. They were closed. Went back at 12:30 to go in. My friends car had been towed away! How do you expect to grow your business if you tow away everyone’s car? Tow away signs are facing the wrong direction as well!

• Thank you so much to all the awesome volunteers that helped Prom Dreams Project’s 4th Annual Gown Giveaway a success! Also, a big thank you to our generous community for all the wonderful donations! I feel so blessed to live in such a giving community. To all the girls that attended: I hope Prom is a blast!

•Cheers to Lipan Marshal and deputy. Thank you for your devotion.

• Many, many thanks Tony and Pam for hosting the adoption event on Saturday. Your generosity and warmth made the day and helped our adoptions.

• Jeers to the City for allowing the creek to be filled up with nasty sewer smelling water. It’s pretty hard to sit and watch a ballgame with that kind of stench. That water is going right into the lake!

• We live in America so why when we make a telephone call should we need to press 1 to continue in English.

• Jeers to person jeering the County and Rec Center. It was voted on by the voters, it passed overwhelmingly. Cheers for the start of the new Y.

• To the person that said there was a lack of vendors at Gen. Granbury’s Birthday: I was a vendor for 7 straight years but the booth charges tripled what they were in 2001. It’s hard to make any profit when the booth charge is $300+ for a 10×10 space.

• Hello DPS and TxDOT. I see the new “Keep right except when passing” signs. When are they going to be enforced? Some think they own the left lane!

• Why would the city of Granbury allow beautiful old oaks to be wiped out on a new building site? This city has no plan for the future in any way. Other cities do it.

• I would think that General Granbury’s birthday celebration and other holiday celebrations will continue to be as this celebration was this year due to lack of tourist involvement that is mainly due to lack of access to the lake and the non existent beach. These were things that drew tourists to this area.


• Why does it cost so much to enter the cook off for General Granbury’s Birthday Celebration? Considering what it costs to enter, the pay-out is practically nothing. It definitely kept us from entering! Could the cost of being in the Festival be keeping people from participating? I thought it was shameful to see the small numbers of cookers, etc.

• Jeers to society! GISD 2 classes we NEED in school, etiquette and hygiene! Our society and community is lacking in this department, if parents aren’t willing to teach them, please don’t let it lack in our school!

• Jeer to not issuing a ticket for the person who is not named that hit the child on West Apache Trail. I do not understand if the bus loading lights were on and he did not even stop for the lights – shouldn’t a ticket be issued to not yielding.

• Patrol needs to be stepped up in traffic problem areas. 144 by Brookshire’s, 377 HEB area & Davis Road & 377. Vehicles running red lights, no turn signals used & crossing the turn only lanes. What a mess. A few tickets could change the way people drive.

• Thank you Hannah for helping me at a store.

• Jeers to all those out there that lock their keys in the car with their infant to small children.

• Since the lake is so low right now, please tell me why no effort has been made to clean up this mess? Let’s at least make something positive out of the drought we’re having to endure! There are rusty, broken pipes, as well as very sharp stumps which are going to be very dangerous if not deadly when the lake level begins to rise again (hopefully).

• To Kyle a cashier I was having a bad day and you made me laugh so hard. Thank you.

• Cheers to Lexi and Tiffany for helping me at a supermarket.

• I thank my lucky stars that my children attend a small school in this county and have the experience of being led by one of the greatest Ag teachers I’ve ever met! Tolar ISD, hold on to Mr. Kim Sullins, don’t let him retire too soon, the knowledge and daily lessons he teaches our kids will forever be with them.

• Jeers for everyone who speeds at the blinking light at the intersection of 144 and Mitchell Bend hwy, I really believe the speed limit needs to drop to about 45 through there before someone gets hit cuz people can’t slow down. And people pulling out don’t know who is flying over those little hills.

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