Sound Off

March 26, 2014

Jeers for not letting us play dominoes until our food was served.

I’m all for a good movie every now and then. What about those movies that move your spirit? “Son of God,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Noah” and “Heaven is For Real”should be shown.

Super congratulations to Heather Juarez, Executive Assistant Tourism Dept. for her new position as Director of Tourism for the city of Corsicana. Her professionalism, expertise, knowledge, education, personality and positive attitude will be sorely missed by the city of Granbury, but a great prize for the city of Corsicana.

Baccus Elementary has the best PTO! Thank you for everything you do for our school. We appreciate you so much!

Spring is here, summer is around the corner & more motorcycles will be out. Watch for motorcycles.

Jeers to the people who never yield coming onto hwy 377 north from downtown, you are supposed to yield to traffic.

What happened to Gen.Granbury’s Birthday Festival? It used to be a great celebration. This past one was dismal to say the least! Parade was pitiful, few vendors, hardly any cookers. It was embarrassing. Whoever is responsible for this event, please do a better job or pass it on to someone who can make it a great festival again.

GHS doesn’t have any more drug traffic than other public schools. Whoever wrote different last week is just negative. No one avoids the bathrooms at school. And putting 2 students on front page does nothing but shame their families especially when the content of the bust was so minimal.


This is a big jeers to the reckless drivers here. Why are you all in such a hurry all the time? Why do you think your life and time are more important than others? Does the world really revolve around you and your schedule? Think about that before you injure or kill another person!

The county is worried about falling evaluations, but they throw money down the drain on a recreation center we don’t need. Put some money in boat access to the lake or all your tourists will dry up.

CHEERS to ALL the hard working volunteers of Habitat for Humanity! Special thanks to Carol and Steve! Always looking out for others! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Brumley! You made this possible! Angela and Cara, always being there, pouring out love and encouragement to help!

Jeers to AMUD for their inflexible policies and UNFRIENDLY Customer Service. You are the only water company available and you sure act like it.

CHEERS to Weatherford College in Granbury for offering higher education. My daughter goes to your college, and the tutors on your campus have been excellent. The instructors have taken their time with your students in making sure they get a quality education.

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