Steeple points way for church

REACHING OUT: Pecan Baptist Church’s new building on Fall Creek Highway, complete with a white steeple, should be ready to open in mid-August. The congregation is looking forward to moving out of its current location in a Pecan Plantation shipping center and reaching out to welcome the surrounding community.

With a new white steeple pointed heavenward, the Pecan Plantation Baptist Church’s new building is nearing completion. Construction should be complete in the final week of July, and the church plans to have the last of the details inside wrapped up by mid-August, Pastor Jerry Doherty said.

The church began six years ago in the shopping center inside the gated community of Pecan Plantation, Pastor Jerry Doherty said. Building a new facility less than half a mile from the front gate of the community will allow the church to continue its mission work in Granbury and internationally, he said. The church has a membership of about 120. The new sanctuary will eventually seat more than 300.

“We have had an uptick in the number of people visiting us here,” Doherty explained. “I think they are seeing the new building and want to come ‘kick the tires’ to see what we are like.”

The congregation is ready to embrace new families and youth, he said.

“This congregation has a deep interest in missions,” he explained. “They are totally given to the concept of winning the world to Christ and not just having a playhouse for themselves.”