Officials use copter to try to find man

June 4, 2014

Sheriff’s Office officials enlisted help from a DPS helicopter and a Brazos River Authority lake ranger Thursday to conduct a search of Lake Granbury for signs of missing Pecan Plantation resident Bill Moore or his pickup.

Sheriff Roger Deeds said there have been no clues uncovered in the search for Moore, who was 82 when he went missing March 10, 2012.

Thursday’s search was also unproductive.

Meanwhile, Moore’s son Dave Moore said the family is going ahead with a previously planned memorial service for his dad. That will be later this month in a private ceremony for family members.

“It’s pretty clear something happened to him. We need to bring closure to it and take some time to remember him,” Dave Moore said Sunday.

Family members purchased a bench that will feature a plaque as a memorial to Bill Moore, at the home in Pecan where he lived with Dave and wife Wendy since his wife died more than a dozen years ago.

Moore’s 1997 brown Dodge Ram pickup hasn’t been found, despite that his descriptive information is in the national database for missing persons, which is accessible by all law enforcement agencies.

As former Sheriff’s Office Captain Jerry East told the Hood County News after a search of the lake one year ago, “It’s like he drove off the face of the earth.”

The latest extensive lake search was done to take advantage of the diminished lake level.

“I’m not sure what the probability is of him being in the lake, but I think it’s worth looking,” Dave Moore said. “We appreciate the sheriff keeping the case open.”

In March 2013, Dave Moore told the Hood County News that he had begun to suspect foul play in his father’s disappearance.

The mystery of Moore’s disappearance was compounded by the fact that the pickup has never been spotted, and there has been no activity on his credit cards or bank accounts.

A DPS observer and the BRA ranger in the helicopter scanned the lake, overpasses, boat ramps and shorelines.

Bill Moore is described as 5 feet, 10 inches and weighing 145 pounds.

His pickup’s license plate number was (Texas) 68MFS6. The tailgate had several strips of red reflective tape.

If you have any information about Moore, call the Sheriff’s Office at 817-579-3316.

[email protected] | 817-573-7066, ext. 254

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