Flood washes hot tub down creek to lake

June 25, 2014

Phil Ramsey of deCordova Bend Estates was sitting in his living room watching a golf tournament Sunday when something caught his eye.

“I saw the water rising out the window and went to the (back) door to watch the rain,” Ramsey said.

He lives on Mojave Drive along the creek that runs through the development and drains into Lake Granbury. He had created a serene getaway that included a hot tub in the shade of the trees in his back yard.

His getaway got away.

“All of a sudden the water lifted the hot tub up and flipped it over,” he said.

It was swept downstream.

“Somebody told me they saw it floating in the lake,” he said.

The flash flood also knocked out the fencing in his back yard. He said his neighbor’s storage shed was lifted up by the water and got wedged in between two trees. Otherwise, it would have probably washed down with his hot tub.

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