County, city leaders say salaries comparable

May 10, 2014

Taxpayers foot the bill for salaries earned by our city and county leaders and administrators.

But those who determine those salaries say they toe the line in making sure they are on par with comparable cities and counties.

In county government, a committee reviews salaries and makes recommendations to the Commissioners Court regarding the county’s “step” plan.

The “step” system was incorporated several years ago to ensure that salaries are fair and not vulnerable to the whims of elected officials who might play favorites.

The pay awarded to Granbury’s elected officials has long been controversial, but isn’t as controversial as it used to be.

Voters made their opinions known at the polls. Some of those who benefitted from the raises were not re-elected to the City Council.


Last year, the Waters Consulting Group in Dallas did an analysis of the salaries in Granbury city government.

City Manager Wayne McKethan said the consulting firm compared Granbury’s salaries to the salaries of “eight or 10” comparable cities.

“For those (salaries) not within range, we adjusted up to the range,” McKethan said. “We’re within the range of each position.”

Whether an employee is at the top of the range depends upon qualifications and years of experience, he stated.


County Judge Darrell Cockerham $76,333

County Attorney Lori Kaspar $140,000

County Clerk Mary Burnett $61,411

Court-at-Law Judge Vincent Messina $140,000

District Clerk Tonna Hitt $61,411

Peace Justices (Roger Howell, Martina Castillo, Judy Watson, Danny Tuggle) $61,411

Constables (Joe Lee, DeWayne Hart, Mike Lang, Chad Jordan) $57,997

Sheriff Roger Deeds $74,611

Tax Assessor/Coll:ector Teresa McCoy $61,411

Treasurer Kathy Davis $61,411

(James Deaver, Dick Roan, Jeff Tout, Steve Berry) $64,854


Personnel Director Bob Blessing $61,402

Library Director Courtney Kincaid $56,457

Maintenance Supervisor Tim Flower $48,440

Environmental Health Director James McAusland $57,411

Veterans Service Officer Linda Mallon $30,006

Elections Administrator Jenise Miller $44,999

I.S. Director Jackie Solomon $67,513

Road Administrator Donald Linney $67,553

Purchasing Agent Nelda Walters $54,919

Fire Marshal Ray Wilson $52,000


Mayor Nin Hulett $18,000

Council members (Mickey Parson, Tony Allen, Gary Couch, Laurel Pirkle, Rose Myers) $12,000


City Manager Wayne McKethan $119,000

Assnt. City Manager Sheri Campbell-Husband $97,000

City Secretary Dee Arcos $68,159

Finance Director Eva Gregory $83,622

Chief of Police Mitch Galvan $89,812

Public Works Director Alva Cox $97,976

Community Development Director Scott Sopchak $72,378

Information Mgt Director Tony Tull $84,143

Aviation Director Gary Hawkins $67,313

Parks & Rec. Director Aaron McLain $65,000

Marketing & Communications Director Steve Dietrichs $70,000

HR Director Steve Roberts $70,000

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