City tables car dealership vote again

April 23, 2014

The car dealership that Mike Brown had hoped would move forward after last week’s meeting of the Granbury City Council is still idling.

His request for a Special Use Permit to allow sales of new and used vehicles near Gemstone Estates was tabled for the second time.

Residents of Sardius Boulevard, which leads into the residential development, again showed up to express concerns about safety and property values. The dealership will be across the street from them.

Several people, city officials and residents alike, expressed appreciation to Brown for concessions he has already made.

The proposed Dodge dealership is in an area that is zoned Heavy Commercial.

After the council meeting in which Brown’s request was tabled the first time, the auto dealer eliminated one of three entrances off of Sardius.

He also agreed to the placement of a decorative, double-sided fence with 25-foot stone columns in order to provide a screen for those whose homes will face the property.

Eight people spoke during the public hearing. Residents, as well as some council members, asked Brown to consider having only one entrance off of Sardius and making the exit right-turn only, leading motorists to Highway 377.

Brown does not have the option of having more than one entrance off of Hwy. 377. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will not allow it.

The property will include a service department, and there will be delivery trucks coming and going. The trucks are of significant concern to residents because of children who ride bicycles and play in the street on Sardius and also because of a school bus stop.

Mayor Nin Hulett said he feels certain the Granbury Independent School District will move the bus stop to a nearby location so that it is not at the spot where vehicles will be entering and exiting the dealership property.

There was also discussion about speed bumps and signage. A vote on the SUP has been postponed until the May 6 council meeting.

The council did, however, approve a preliminary plat for the 10.31 acre tract of land.

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