Three dogs attack 13-year-old boy

April 5, 2014

A 13-year-old boy suffered multiple bites from three dogs who attacked him early Monday evening as he was walking in his neighborhood in Oak Trail Shores, according to Animal Control Sergeant Kelly McNab.

Rebecca Pierce said Wednesday that her son, Dyllan Elliott, had puncture and tear wounds “all over his extremities” and spent more than seven hours receiving medical treatment in Lake Granbury Medical Center.

“One of them grabbed his leg and pulled him down. That’s when all three jumped on him. They went for the kill,” Pierce said of the attack, which occurred on Overview Road.

The three dogs, all pit bull mixes, were euthanized by Animal Control.

On Tuesday their heads were sent to the state lab for rabies testing. McNab said she was notified later that all three dogs tested negative.

Both the injured boy and the dogs’ owner live on nearby Rockcliff Court, Pierce said.

Pierce noted that she didn’t know how many stitches the boy received because “they lost count.”

“It scared the fire out of him,” Pierce said. “He’s kind of scared of dogs right now.”

Potentially the most serious injury was a bite to the boy’s right jaw, according to Pierce. She said if the bite on the boy’s jaw had been a little lower it would have been a neck bite.

McNab said that the three dogs had been aggressive shortly before at a nearby house where there was a child outside. That family, with Dyllan helping them, fended off the dogs with rakes and hoes.

“Dyllan ran into the yard to help, then he left to go to a friend’s house – and that’s when they got him,” Pierce said.

She said heard Dyllan screaming as he ran into their yard after fighting off the three dogs with assistance from the same neighbors he had just helped.

“They brought a shovel and a rake and started beating on the dogs,” Pierce said. “He helped them and they helped him.”

McNab said that the owner of the three dogs showed documentation that they were current on their rabies shots. However, the owner had been given several tickets and a warning previously because of dogs on the loose, she said.

“We had been out to that address (on Rockcliff Court) a month previously,” McNab said, noting that an officer asked if he would surrender the dogs. He refused and said that “he would take the ticket.”

He assured the officer that it would not happen again.

“By owning a dog, you are assuming full responsibility of the dog and its actions,” McNab said.

Pierce said, “It could have been much worse. I’m just thankful they didn’t get a small child.”

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