Standing firm: ‘Flamingo’ ladies brave the night in eerie hotel

July 26, 2014

VIVI, THE PROTECTOR: Suzanne Collier recently brought Vivi as a good luck charm when she and a group of ladies called the Pink Flamingos rented the entire Nutt House Hotel. She thought Vivi would bring her luck as the group played Keno, a game of chance, into the night. She also thought Vivi would fend off the ghosts in Room No. 4, the Mary Lou Watkins Suite, known as the most haunted room in the hotel.

Suzanne Collier was brave.

She stayed in Room No. 4, the Mary Lou Watkins Suite, the most haunted room in the Historic Nutt House Hotel on the Granbury square, she said.

Mary Lou, a descendent of the Nutt family, ran a restaurant for years on the first floor of the 1910 hotel. She died in 2001, but some say she still lingers in the building.

Suzanne’s haunting experience began even before the sun went down.

She heard music coming from the clock radio next to the bed in her room, but when she walked into the room, the music stopped.

She was confused when she looked down.

The clock radio was unplugged.

But, lucky for her, that’s all that happened in her room that day and night.

Maybe it was because of Vivi keeping watch over Suzanne that night.

Vivi is a bust of a mannequin – a pretty one, not one of those nondescript models. Vivi has beautiful eyelashes and makeup, but her eyes – she has a haunting look about her.

Her head was dressed like a gypsy who roams about much like the ghosts that reportedly roam about the hotel.

Suzanne said her family thinks Vivi is “creepy looking.”

“I brought Vivi as a good luck charm for playing Keno, but I thought she might scare the ghosts off too,” Suzanne laughed.

Two roams made a right – Room No. 4 was ghost-free that evening.

Suzanne, a Southlake resident, was among a group of women who recently booked the entire Nutt House Hotel. They played Keno, a game of chance similar to Bingo, into the wee hours of the morning and waited for the hauntings.

They call themselves Pink Flamingos.

Like flamingos, they are social and travel in groups. They even travel with little toy pink flamingos. They describe themselves as a “fun flock” and having common interests.

Carol Turpen started the group in Joshua about two years ago. They’ve grown to about 23 members, and they get together when they can in a different town. Their recent stay in Hood County, where Flamingos Aven Rountree and Linda Winslett live, was a day filled with lunching, shopping, visiting and dining.

The night was filled with a ghost tour of downtown, Keno, a moderate amount of wine, unexplainable sounds and sightings on their paranormal phone apps.

Suzanne was not the only one to experience something odd.

The lady in Room No. 5 said she heard a dinner bell ring at 2:30 a.m.

The lady in Room No. 7 heard a knock on the door during the night. She opened it thinking it was one of the other Flamingos.

No one was there.

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