Sound Off

July 16, 2014

  • Cheers to the individual who picked up our meal ticket Sunday the 13th. What a surprise when I arrived at the cashier stand I was told what you had done.
  • Who’s in charge of the city pool when my kids are swimming and all the employees are screaming and cursing at one another? I hope the new YMCA opens soon.
  • Jeers to the 3 guys in pickups driving around the area this week with paper blowing out of their truck beds! TxDOT may be right that guys in pickups are the main cause of trash on our highways.
  • Thank You BRA Rangers for keeping the lake safe during the 4th of July fireworks chaos! People are crazy when the lake is both down and up!
  • No Spring Football. No Midnight Madness. Coaches quitting. Kids leaving!
  • A very appreciative thank you to the young woman who anonymously paid for my manicure on June 28. It was the best 80th birthday gift I could receive.
  • Disgusting! Poor dog walking parade route on burning hot concrete. Please don’t allow uncaring people to parade a dog in hot weather.
  • Cheers to Hood County Road Crew that paved our road in Stroud Creek…long time needed and no more dust for the elderly.
  • Jeers: To everyone that is so afraid of the immigrant children coming into Texas. I can’t imagine how scared these children are to be in a foreign country without their parents or someone that cares about them. We were all immigrants at one time. If it was your child how would you want them to be treated?
  • Big Cheers to the Second Chance Farm Kissing Booth this past 4th of July! You can’t have a bad day when you get a kiss and hug from Doofus the dog and his buddy. Thanks to the donors who help all animal rescue organizations and thank YOU to the volunteers who give so much love and care.
  • While I am very sad that a young person lost his life in a drinking accident, I am very disturbed that the parents have filed a lawsuit against the persons who lived in the house. She is not a bartender who over served him. This was a party & I feel pretty sure that he served himself. This lawsuit will only compound their grief. It was an accident.
  • It’s funny how you reported 100’s of boaters watching the fireworks show, but when I drove over the bridge, I didn’t see a single boat, when there should have been 1000’s, since this was a Friday night 4th of July.
  • Jeers to the Mayor of Granbury for not speaking at the TCEQ meeting Tuesday night! Where is your leadership? Cheers to City Council members Rose Myers, Gary Couch, Mickey Parson and Tony Allen for stepping up to the plate!
  • Jeers to those responsible for the courthouse. It looks like a prop from a 1930s Frankenstein movie. Please allocate the funds to paint it so it looks nice…like the rest of the small town courthouses in Texas.
  • Cheers to Mark who found my cellphone Thursday, July 3 at H-E-B and sent a text to my husband asking if he could help him find the lady who left it in a cart.
  • I’m so thankful my family has such a great place to go for summer fun. The library’s free programs are a hit. I’ve never seen so many people! This place is a treasure!
  • Jeers to whoever is in charge of the vendors at the festivals. We used to have really good vendors but now it’s not worth coming to town.
  • Jeers to the BRA for trying to silence those of us who oppose the latest request by Luminant for more water from Lake Granbury. We cannot be complacent just because of one recent rain.
  • The rule for Community Gardens is: If you didn’t plant it, don’t pick it! People who have planted in these plots work hard to keep everything watered, weeds removed, etc. If you didn’t plant the veggies, fruit, etc., and you pick items without permission, you are stealing. If you need food, ask the plot providers for assistance.
  • To all the folks who came to our rescue to help open our locked car. God bless each and every one of you. Thank you so much.
  • Jeers to TxDOT for not fixing the rough dangerous railroad crossing on the Temple Hall Highway (167 North).
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