El Nino

June 21, 2014

Hunter Park will reopen: The Brazos River Authority expects to reopen Hunter Park on Lake Granbury in time for the Fourth of July holiday. The BRA closed the park last month to widen the boat ramp from one lane to two, and the courtesy dock will get a face-lift. When the park reopens for day use and camping, the boat ramp will remain out of service due to the low lake level. BRA spokeswoman Judi Pierce said it’s not possible to extend the ramp further due to the shallow topography of the lake bottom near the park. Construction of a seawall at the park is expected to begin in August. Hunter Park is located near the Highway 51 bridge on Lake Granbury.

Drought relief may be in sight.

Forecasters are predicting El Nino conditions could return this fall. This weather pattern can cause wetter than normal conditions across the southern United States in the fall and winter.

In the meantime, the summer forecast shows higher than average temperatures combined with less than average rainfall.

Scattered rain storms are helping the grass and increasing the level in stocks tanks. But raising the lake level? Not so much.

Lake Granbury is 11 feet low, and only 49 percent full.

Upstream on the Brazos River, Possum Kingdom Lake is 15.6 feet low and 60 percent full.

For the areas recently receiving rain, the National Weather Service reports the “agricultural dought” has eased considerably.

But it’s going to take a heavy downpour across the Brazos Basin to create the runoff needed to fill the lakes, according to officials with the Brazos River Authority (BRA).

In January 2012, Lake Granbury was down more than four feet when the rain started. Thunderstorms dropped up to 6 inches of rain around the area Jan. 24-25.

Many remember that rain. On Jan. 25, 2012, a large contingency from Hood County rode in buses to Austin to protest the BRA permit requesting more water to sell.

The lake was full when the buses returned that night.

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