Caution advised when mowing dry Lake Granbury bed

March 29, 2014

Some industrious Lake Granbury waterfront property owners are attempting to keep the weeds down by mowing the dry lake bed around their property.

“As mentioned before, the BRA has no problem with people mowing around their docks,” said Brazos River Authority spokeswoman Judi Pierce.

But precautions should be taken.

“Though it’s been dry, we’re still finding that anything heavier than a lawn mower is sinking in the lake bed,” she stated.

“We know of an incident last week where a man tried to use a tractor in the lake bed and it sunk to its running boards.

“It took two wreckers to pull the tractor free.”

Pierce said there may be a few places that are dry enough to hold a tractor for mowing.

In general, however, heavy equipment and other motorized vehicles are not allowed in the dry areas of the lake bed, the BRA spokeswoman said.

The BRA is not mowing the lake bed, Pierce said.

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