The Burseys celebrate anniversary


The Burseys

James (Jim) and Dorothy (Dot) Bursey celebrated their 75th anniversary Feb. 10, 2013 at a reception hosted by their daughters, Dorthy Kneisel and Donna Bursey at the historic chapel at Acton United Methodist Church (AUMC) in Granbury.

The Burseys were married Feb. 11, 1938 in Oklahoma after meeting at the 7th Street Renfro Drug Store as high schoolers in Fort Worth. Dot was a “soda jerk” and Jim was a motorcycle delivery boy.

During WWII, Jim was a technical sergeant in the Air Force, flying out of England, and Dot was a real “Rosie the Riveter.” While bringing up their two daughters, Dot became a great executive assistant while Jim spent his whole career as chief engineer at an international bakery known then as Manor Bakery.

They retired to Granbury some 33 years ago and have been members of AUMC for 33 years.

In 1996 their daughters also retired to Granbury to be near their loving parents. Dot and Jim have lived well and served their church well these many years. Many are blessed from knowing them, but none are more blessed than their daughters, DNI and DNII.

From Dot and Jim, there are their two daughters, six grandchildren, a dozen great-grandchildren and a handful of great-great-grandchildren.