Primary Election Results

March 4, 2014

Election results brought to you by First National Bank-Granbury

Polls close at 7 p.m. tonight and results will be posted as soon as they are available.

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Roger Enlow March 4, 20147:32 pm

Early voting results are in: For County Clerk: Katie Lang 2226, Mary Burnett 1766; County Treasurer: Kathy Davis 2184, Rhonda Naylor 1805; Pct. 2 Commissioner: Butch Barton 729, Cindy Gullett 543; Pct. 3 JP: Rick Frye 379, Darell Grober 358, Kathy Gwinn 556

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:20 pm

Naylor narrows gap for county treasurer, but incumbent Davis still leads with 54% of the vote and four voting precincts reporting.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:21 pm

Lang stretches lead to 55 percent for county clerk over incumbent Burnett with four voting precincts reporting.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:23 pm

Barton has 57 percent of the vote for Pct. 3 commissioner over Gullett.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:26 pm

Correction: Race is for Pct. 2 commissioner, held now by Dick Roan who’s retiring

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:30 pm

Five of the 16 voting boxes now in. Lang still has 55 percent of the vote over county clerk Burnett.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:31 pm

Keffer campaign says the state rep “performed very well” in early voting district-wide.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:34 pm

Crisp is trouncing Keffer in Hood County with 66 percent of the vote (3409 votes).

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:53 pm

Lang ups her lead over county clerk Burnett. Lang has 56 percent of the vote with almost half of the voting boxes in.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20148:57 pm

County treasurer Davis has 55 percent of the vote over Naylor with over half of the voting boxes in.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20149:01 pm

Pct. 3 JP race appears headed for runoff. Gwinn has 44 percent of the vote to Grober’s 29 percent and Frye’s 27 percent.

Roger Enlow March 4, 20149:15 pm

With about one-third of the precincts reporting district-wide, Keffer leads Crisp by 500 votes

Roger Enlow March 4, 201410:12 pm

Keffer stretches his lead over Crisp

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