Square-foot gardening maximizes space

YOU DON’T NEED MUCH SPACE: Learn how to create a thriving vegetable garden in a small space, raised bed or container by attending the square-foot gardening seminar on Aug. 7.

Hood County AgriLife Extension Agent Marty Vahlenkamp will present a program about square-foot gardening.

The seminar takes place Thursday, Aug. 7, at 6:30 p.m. in County Annex I, 1410 W. Pearl St.

The program will focus on making the most of any garden space by adopting the square- foot method.

Says Vahlenkamp, “By dividing your garden into square feet you will maximize the available space, boost production, better utilize companion plants and make it easier to change plants seasonally. Square foot gardens will produce for months, even in limited space. They are simple, effective and they work!”

This program is a part of the 2014 Lake Granbury Master Gardeners Continuing Education Series.

The fee for participating is $10 per person, $15 per couple.

For reservations, contact the Texas AgriLife Extension in Hood County by phone: 817-579-3280, fax: 817-408-2533, email: [email protected] or online at hood.agrilife.org.