No joke, see this show

An absolutely hilarious show is playing at the Granbury Theatre Company this month.
If you like laughing (and who doesn’t), you have to go see “Cash On Delivery.”
If it seems as though I’m raving, I am. I have seen many shows in Granbury at the Opera House, Granbury Live and now with the present group. This is arguably the funniest show I have seen on a stage here.

Not only was I about to fall out of my seat, but when I could take my eyes off the stage long enough to look around the theater, I saw others barely staying seated they were laughing so hard.
The show is a classic farce set in England. The main character, Eric Swann (Luke Hunt), has been duping the Department of Social Services out of money for the better part of two years by telling them of fake residents, etc. in the home of he and his wife Linda (Brooke Elyse Wilson). It seems Eric lost his job at the electic company a couple years back, and when a government check accidentally fell into his hands, he cashed it, thinking the money would tide them over until he got a job the next month.
However, the next month he was not able to get a job, and another check came, and so on. Before long, other checks began arriving, Eric worked his magic (fraud) and was able to make money than ever. All the while, Linda never knew of his unemployment.
However, Eric gets himself so deep in the scam that when he decides it’s time to get out, he can’t. The government wants to give him even MORE money. Eric enlists the help of his boarder Norman McDonald (Kent White), for whom he is also receiving benefits since he died as a “lumberjack who fell out of a tree practicing for when winter passed.”
In other words, Eric is smarter than the government, too smart. When they send workers around to have forms signed, identities must be switched, more deceptions must be created (all the while keeping Linda in the dark), and only Eric, Norman and Uncle George (Andy Looney) know the real truth.
The humor is perfectly timed, with the key characters playing their roles to near perfection. Whites, who could pass as an identical twin for Monty Python’s Eric Idol, and Hunt are brilliant in their chemistry, and Wilson pulls off the puzzled, frustrated and even concerned (especially when she thinks Eric is a cross dresser) wife with ease. Looney, though his character spends much of the show unconscious after several unfortunate encounters with a door, is still terrifically funny.
Timing is everything in pulling off a farce, and the timing couldn’t be better in this production. Literally, when one door closes, another opens and most often something funnier than what we just witnessed happens.
Hidden among the plethora of humor are some messages about government’s wasting of money, how easy it is to “work” the system, and perhaps the people who put government workers in place are actually smarter than most of the government workers. Those are all fine, but just enjoy the humor. It would be a shame to waste that opportunity.

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Cash On Delivery
Who: Granbury Theatre Company
Where: Granbury Live theater on the square
Dates: Now through Jan. 26
Showtimes: Thursday-Saturday evenings at 7:30, Saturday matinees at 2:30 p.m.
Tickets: or 817-579-0952