Elvis has not left building at Granbury Theatre Company

In the words of co-directors Jodie and Soni Barrus, “Elvis has NOT left the building.”
At least his memory and music are very much alive in the Granbury Theatre Company’s production of “All Shook Up.” The show is currently running and continues through Aug. 24 at the Granbury Live Theater on the square.

Using the music of the King, the show is a love story – a series of love stories, actually – set in a small town in the 1950s. A roustabout named Chad (Max J. Swarner), who has a knack for making folks around him fall in love, comes to town.
Sure enough, a young lady named Natalie (Michelle Foard), falls for him. But Chad, in turn, is smitten by the sultry museum curator Miss Sandra (Kennedy Brooke Styron).
Folks are falling in love, but not with each other. In desperation, Natalie even pretends to be a guy named Ed so she can get closer to Chad by being his sidekick. This presents its own interesting twist to the scenario.
Meanwhile, Chad’s current sidekick since he came to town, Dennis (Cameron Potts), has long been in love with Natalie without her knowing. Also, the owner of the local cafe hangout, Sylvia (Amanda Terrell) and Natalie’s dad Jim (Andrew Looney) have a love blossoming that they don’t seem to realize, and her teenage daughter (Cassandra Beltran) has found the “love of her life” (Joshua Bucy).
All the while, the town’s mayor (Gale Gilbert) walks around with Sheriff Earl (Jesse Overton), enforcing her no-fun policy, never realizing true love is also right in front of her.
Word of caution, do not attend the show thinking you will hear anyone who sounds like Elvis. This is not that kind of show. It’s his music, but sung – and nicely so – by the actors in their own voices.
Swarner and Foard are great in their Granbury Theatre Company debuts. They are surrounded by a host of solid supporting performances, most notably Potts, who steals more than a scene or two as the gangly Dennis.
There’s no deep plot in show, and in fact it is very predictable. There’s even a nod or two (or perhaps it’s borrowing, but who cares) from other shows, including a nod to Fonzie on “Happy Days” with the way Chad can make any jukebox play with a bump from his hand.
But predictability isn’t a bad thing as long the trip to the forecast outcome is enjoyable, which is certainly is here.

All Shook Up
Granbury Theatre Company
Now through Aug. 24
Thursday-Saturday 7:30 p.m., Saturday matinees at 3:30 p.m.
Contact 817-579-0952 or www.granburytheatrecompany.org