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August 6, 2014

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” – Anna Quindlen, author “How Reading Changed My Life”

“Turning the Black Sox White”


We in Texas love our baseball, but folks in Chicago have had lots more years invested than we have. Charles Cominskey is the major reason – he brought the White Sox to Chicago in 1900 and was a major influential force in running the American League from its beginning.

He was able to combine his love for the game with his managerial skills and his style and knowledge of the game improved the standards for how baseball should be played. However, there’s the scandal of 1919 World Series when eight White Sox players accepted bribes to fix the Series. The cry went up that Cominskey’s miserly attitude toward his players created the conditions for the scandal. Hornbaker, after exhaustive research, tells the full story of Cominskey’s life and finally puts to rest some of the myth surrounding the Sox scandal.

“1, 2 Buckle

My Shoe”

By Anna Grossnickle Hines


This familiar little nursery rhyme gets some star treatment in this delightful picture book which is illustrated entirely with quilt patches and buttons. Each number has its own full page, simple and striking with bright colors and decorative stitching. The little ones who are just learning to count will really enjoy this one and soon claim it as “Mine.”

“The Snow Queen”

By Michael Cunningham


Barrett Meeks has a vision, and he doesn’t believe in visions, or in God either for that matter. Nonetheless, it’s there, right in the sky in Central Park, and this pale, translucent light seems to regard Barrett in a godlike way.

Soon after, Barrett turns to religion while his older brother Tyler, a struggling drug addicted musician struggles to write the perfect wedding song for Beth, his wife-to-be. Cunningham follows this conflicted cast of characters as they travel different paths in their collective search for an understanding for what lies at the core of the human soul.

“Kaya and Lone Dog”

By Janet Shaw

Jr Fiction American Girl Collection, Book 4

Kaya, a Nez Perce Indian, is a new American Girl character who remembers many things about the time she was taken captive. When she finds a half-wolf dog who is about to give birth, Kaya makes a promise to feed and care for the dog even though her grandmother fears that the dog may be dangerous.

The little girl earns the trust of the dog by being kind and respectful of the wild creature. Eventually, the dog and her puppies are welcomed into the tribe after the dog saves Kaya’s brother. However, Kaya must decide – Does the dog deserve the same freedom that Kaya values for herself?

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