What’s Up With That? What’s the deal with that house by the lake bridge?

June 7, 2014

You’ve probably driven by it a thousand times.

As time wore on, you may have noticed that the two-story house near the lake bridge on the street behind Wiley’s Funeral Home was looking worse and worse.

It wasn’t your imagination.

According to the Hood County Appraisal District, the canal home in The Shores subdivision has been on a steady decline for the past several years.

In 2010, it was listed at a solid $240,050. In 2011, it went down significantly – to $217,010.

2012 saw an increase in value of $10,000 – to $227,050. The positive direction, though, was short-lived.

Last year, the home’s value sunk to $171,360. This year, it is listed at $158,570.

Here’s what happened to the house at 300 Tahiti Drive:

Some time back, the owner died. He did not have a will.

According to Environmental Health Director James McAusland, the man’s common law wife filed to become the administrator of the man’s estate.

According to court records, the application was filed on Dec. 4, 2012.

On May 7, 2013, county Court-at-Law Judge Vincent Messina granted the motion making the woman the administrator.

According to records in the county judge’s office, which handles probate matters, the woman is listed as the deceased man’s wife.

On April 21, she was removed as administrator and replaced by the deceased man’s daughter. The man also has a son.

Said McAusland: “As soon as I get confirmation that the children have control of (the house), I will send my letter and hopefully it will spur them along.”

The letter to which he was referring is a notice that the property is out of compliance with state law regarding weeds and rubbish.

Those who don’t comply with state law on these types of matters can be fined up to $200 a day by a justice of the peace, McAusland stated.

Of course, it is quite possible the daughter is well aware of these issues and is anxious to address them, which may be why she is now the administrator of her father’s estate.

McAusland explained that the county has little muscle where the house itself is concerned.

He added he is hopeful the issues will soon be resolved.

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