Gentlemen, start your engines!

April 5, 2014

Homeowners dream of having a healthy, lush lawn, which requires dedication and hard work.

Every spring, the American suburbanite who passionately seeks a magnificent, green lawn, will elevate this goal to the top of their chore list.

There-in, the pursuit begins with hundreds of hours of work and maintenance, actually years, devoted to create their masterpiece.

Since the ravages of winter created havoc across the land, an intense effort must begin by lawn enthusiasts to achieve a golf course, perfect lawn. Success is sought to create a retreat for relaxing, a setting for parties, and a playground for children and pets, a place of self-exaltation.

To create a disease-free, carpet of green and keep property value at its highest, a homeowner must be prepared to spend a good deal of money.

Monitor fertilizing of everything growing, edge and mulch flower and shrub beds, treat the soil with chemicals for fire ants, snails, grub worms and weeds. Also, watering at the right time of day is paramount, and feeding a lawn is essential; keep in mind, feeding is different than fertilizing.

If the lawn is neglected, the property value may fall, your neighbors will hate you, and constant nagging or arguing with your spouse could be an ongoing ordeal.

If you fail to work at maintaining the lawn, according to every gardening book printed, it will die, and your life will go to hell as you know it.

To save your lawn from certain death, you must purchase the right tools.

Gardening tools, supreme possessions for a homeowner, are like no other ownership of objects. Having the right tools is fundamental to attaining the dream lawn. This requires an assortment of paraphernalia, as well as arranging space in the garage for storage; valuable tools could be lost or deteriorate in the elements if left outside. Either before or after the tools are acquired, one must invest in a lawn mower, the most essential piece of equipment in your arsenal.

Depending on the size of your intended lawn you may need a mower that could take up an area equal to a small car in the garage, unless you build a tool shed, or storage building, which will cost thousands of dollars.

After the mower has been purchased, the next essential item is the weed trimmer.

Weed trimmers have become the most coveted of lawn tools, until they break down, then they become the most hated and thrown away of trimming instruments in your stash.

Once armed with tools and a mower, proper care is essential. This might require reading dozens of instruction manuals, or take a class on maintenance at the community college because lubricating parts, replacing belts and a host of other grueling repairs are necessary.

While cleaning and maintaining the tools, make sure children are not within ear shot because words may slip out that youngsters should not be hearing.

Other implements needed will be a tiller, leaf blower, shovels, rakes, clippers, trowels, pruning shears, ladders, watering can and a fertilizer spreader; also garden hoses.

Remember, edging every walkway, the driveway, and around each shrub and flower bed will be exhausting, give you a backache and take a huge toll on your social life; but hey, it’s the lawn.

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