Cars and trucks are cut from different wheels

April 5, 2014

I am just now recovering from a traumatic experience.

It happened back in January during the ice age. For the past three months I found myself screaming in the middle of the night, “No, no, if you let me live I promise …” Never mind what I promised.

For those of you who need a word for it, it’s abreaction – the reliving of a past stress event.

As I said, it happened in January when Linda and I decided to drive from Granbury to Nashville to visit my daughter.

When we reached Little Rock, the nightmare intensified.


Trucks making us into a car sandwich, trucks pulling out in front of us when we tried to pass, trucks engaging each other in a long-distance truck race with cars hopelessly waiting for the winner.

I looked in vain for the old courtesy bumper, “How’s my driving? Call …” Apparently those bumper stickers are now out of print.

The real horror came when we tried to outrun the ice storm coming back. Unfortunately for us, the trucks had the same idea.

With the ice crystals beginning to fall and the snow clinging to the ground, the entire freeway turned into a truck race.

The slower trucks, going a mere 70 miles an hour, were constantly challenged by the newer diesels.

I’m not talking about two or three trucks. The trucks lined the highway as far as you could see.

Passing just one or two met with another nine or 10 in front of us. With the wind blowing and the trucks sucking in wind behind them, sheer terror buffeted us when they passed.

Probably I’m not telling you anything new, right?

Even a trip from Granbury to Lubbock on I-20 can be a truck-disaster in the making.

In fact, Linda and I no longer take that route. We take the “scenic route” on 180 to 84. The difference is about 10 minutes with a hundred dollars saved on Xanax.

So here’s the solution.

Change the signs reading “scenic route” to “car route.” Let the trucks have the interstate. Increase the speed limit to 90 and put the truck races on YouTube.

Seriously, however, we can’t do away with trucks; they are essential for food, clothing, entertainment, etc.

But 18 wheelers and cars do not belong together. We need an amicable separation of the two before cars become an endangered species.

Trucks should live and let live among their own kind.

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