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Prayers for those who help

January 7, 2015
Prayers for those who help

Law enforcement officials, first responders and others who meet needs in the community were honored with prayer Friday evening. Pastor Chris Mesa of Acton United Methodist Church led the time of prayer and reflection at the gazebo on the square. From left: Mesa greets Sheriff Roger Deeds.

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Church hosting workshop on disciple making Jan. 9-10

January 7, 2015

“The How and Why of Making Disciples ” is planned Friday and Saturday, Jan. 9-10, at The Church on Thistle Ridge.

The Friday session will be from 7 to 9 p.m., and the Saturday session will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This teaching is open to the public and lunch will be served on Saturday.

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Building Permits

January 7, 2015

The city of Granbury issued 12 building permits in the month of November with a total value of $504,520.

Four new residential homes are included in the mix.

nCouto Homes, 917 Joshua Court, new residential, $207,544.

nHidden Creek Homes, 1705 Harbor Lakes Drive, new residential, $243,364.

nCouto Homes, 905 Joshua Court, new residential, $211,621.

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Funding will cover Weekend Food for Kids

January 7, 2015

With generous donations from the community, the fund raising goal for Weekend Food for Kids has been met.

“We are so grateful for the community’s overwhelming response to help Hood County’s hungry children through Weekend Food for Kids, said board member Jerry Tidwell, of Weekend Food for Kids.

Weekend Food for Kids is distributed at every campus in the Granbury school district.

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Outdoor festivals begin next month

January 7, 2015
Outdoor festivals begin next month

Event planners have announced dates for a variety of annual festivals in the coming year.

The Texas Independence Day Celebration is the first festival on the square this year with activities planned Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 28 and March 1.

After large attendance last year, bull riding on the beach returns with this year’s festival.The 10 a.m.

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Junior Livestock Show Exhibitors

January 3, 2015
Junior Livestock Show Exhibitors

Beech/Mabery Family

Aaron Dunn

Abigail Swaim

Adrienne Hughes

Alex Vaughn

Alexandra Myers

Alexis Smith

Alexya Rosemond

Alissa Oquendo

Allison Otwell

Ally Rogoski

Alyx Bradley

Amanda Rohde

Amy Adams

Andrew Marcel

Angel Carter

Anita Jenkins

Anna Felty

Anna May Sommerfeld

Anne Barnes

Asa Redburn

Ashleigh Wilson

Ashley Baker

Ashlyn Pickens

Ashlyn Scottino

Austin Sommerfeld

Avery McLain

Bailey Cates

Baldree Family

Baleigh Payne

Barnett Family

Baxter/Smith Family

Baylee Baxter

Becker Family

Ben Montoya

Bernardo Valles

Bison/Brockman Family

Blaire Vance

Blake Barker

Blaney Cooper

Brad Winn

Braden Cates

Brandon Jurado

Brandon Montgomery

Branson Family

Brayden Brockman

Brayden Dowdy

Brayden Jones

Brenda Martinez

Brenna Foy

Brett Reeves

Brian Cox

Brianna Barnett

Brooklyn Oquendo

Bryan Elder

Bryan Liles

Bryce Farmer

Bryce Shockley

Brylyn Thornburg

Brynne Mauldin

Bryton Cummings

Burdette Family

Cade Turner

Caden Whitewood

Caitlin Hutson

Cameron Hughes

Cameron Jenkins

Cameron Mills

Carson Cherry

Carter McFadden

Case Oxford

Cates Family

Chad Bilbao

Chad Gigilioth

Cheyenne Ollinger

Cheylee Lucas

Christian Ogle

Christopher Baldree

Cindy Massey

Claire Turner

Clayton Deaver

Cogdill Family

Cole Turner

Coleman Morrison

Colleen Peters

Colten Bison

Colten Swanson

Colton Lane

Compton/Sanders Family

Cooper Thomas

Courtney Bedwell

Courtney Evans

Courtney Smith

Courtney-Robertson Family

Creed Hutchins

Cutter Gray

Dakota Becker

Dakota Brooker

Dakota Howton

Dakota Webb

Dallis McCollom

Dalton Shaw

Damon Franks Jr

Dane Temple

Danny Whelchel

Darrion Franks

David Demopoulos

David Harmon

Davis Nix

Deana Pinkston

Demi Harkins

Demopoulos Family

Devin Compton


Duncan Moran

Dustin Rosemond

Dylan Mercer

Dylan Overstreet

EB (Elizabeth) Hull

Elena Strickland

Elijah Morrow

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Carter

Emelyn Hughes

Emiley Wayner

Emils Talles

Emily Brite

Emily Ellis

Emily Massey

Emily Richardson

Emma Castillo

Emma Demopoulos

Emma Moran

Eric Crider

Erin Green

Ethan Rains

Evans Family

Faith Ballenger

Ferguson-Jones Family

Foster/Ollinger Family

Francisco Castaneda

Franks Family

Gage Neagle

Garcia Family

Garrett Becker

Garrett Parish

Garrett Richardson

Gavin Bramlett

Georgia Sims

Grace Lewallen

Grace Moran

Gracie Thomas

Grady Mabery

Graham Moses

Grove Family

Hailey Ann Brown

Hailey Brown

Haley Merrithew

Hannah Baldree

Hannah Bunch

Hannah Carter

Harley Glover

Harrison Family

Haven Riddle

Hawkins Family

Hayden Campbell

Hayden Haedge

Hayden Moore

Hayden Shockley

Haylee Etheridge

Holley Perchard

Howton Family

Hudson Family

Hughes Family

Hunter Clark

Hunter Clowers

Hunter Lewallen

Hunter McNab

Hunter Prewitt

Hunter Trice

Hutchins Family

Isabella Zapata

Jace Walker

Jacee Halliday

Jacob McNab

Jacob Sparks

Jade Campbell

Jade Cox

Jake Cherry

Jake Fowler

James Jeffrey

Jansen Vanlandingham

Jared Fore

Jarred Franks

Jarrett Kuhn

Jasen Stephens

Jay Diehl

Jeffrey Vinson

Jesse Whitewood

Jessica Garcia

Jimmy Shires

Jocilyn McLoud

Joe Fowler

Joel Rice

John Dollins

John Francis

John Gilliam

Jolee Tuggle

Jonah Delaney

Jordan Becker

Joy Miller

Julia Keys

Jurado Family

Justin Neuman

Justyce Vanlandingham

Kaden Riggs

Kali Lander

Kallie Moore

Kara Mercer

Karleigh Hesser

Kasyn Burdette

Kate Mauldin

Katherine Hughes

Kathryn McGlathery

Katie Haywood

Katie Keith

Katie Robertson

Katrice Johnson

Katy Hall

Katy Parish

Katy Parrish

Kauri Keith

Kayla Kirk

Kayla Snyder

Kaylee Garcia

Kayli Saffer

Kaylynn Beech

Kaytlyn McMillen

Keith Family

Kelley Sanders

Kena Williams

Kennedy Roy

Kenneth Green

Keys Family

Kinsey Lane

K’Lee Scottino


Krista Allen

Krystal Evans

Kyla Shelnutt

Kyle Saunders

Kyle Vahlenkamp

Kylee Sparks

Kylie Hobbs

Lacee Ferguson

Lana Bell

Lance Ferguson

Lance Smith

Landon Butler

Lane Family

Lauren Mullican

Laynee Pence

Layton Sharp

Lewallen Family

Linda Mapula

Logan Jackson

Logan Jurado

Lorelia Register

Lucas/Gray Family

Luke Masters

Mabery/Beech Family

Macey Burch

Maci Riddle

Macie Garcia

Macie Hudson

Maclane May

Maddi Guill

Maddie McMillen

Madisen Williams

Madison Butler

Madison Cox

Madison D Miller

Madison Fea

Madison Harrison

Madison Hudson

Madison Hughes

Madison Ollinger

Madison Rogers

Madison Scott

Makayla Ann Doucet

Makena White

Malia Oaks

Mallory Kuykendall

Marcel Family

Marissa Overman

Mason Ethridge

Massey Family

Mattie Jenkins

Mauldin Family

May Family

McCollom/Neagle Family

McMillen Family

McNab Family

Meagan Steagall

Megan Bednarz

Mercer Family

Mia Fletcher

Miah Mauldin

Michael Marcel

Micheal Guevara

Mikayla Pixler

Mikayla Ross

Miller Family

Mills Family

Mitchell Family

Mitchell May

Moran Family

Morgan Allen

Morgan Mercer

Morgan Ray

Mya Nunez

Naomi Ornelles

Nash Hutchins

Natalie Collins

Nathan Mabery

Nathan Wayner

Nathan Wirsdurfer

Neali Overton

Nelle Jenkins

Neuman Family

Nicholas Demopoulos

Nicholas Mayberry

Nicole Krieger

Oaks Family

Olivia Webb

Ollinger Family

Oquendo Family

Ornelles Family

Overman/White Family

Page McCormick

Paige McCormick

Paxton Howton

Paxton Murry

Payton Mills

Pence Family

Penny Shires

Peyton Hughes

Quintin Hawkins

Racheal Young

Ray Family

Reagan Chandler

Reagan Hughes

Reagan Meek

Reagan Young

Realei Young

Remington Davis

Rhianna Buck

Rice Family

Richardson Family

Riley Dewitt

Riley Grove

Riley Oaks

Riley White

Rio Dem

Rodrigo Reyes Jr

Rody Rhodes

Rogoski/ Grant Family

Rosemond Family

Ryan Ornelles

Ryder David

Sabrina Ford

Sam Pence

Sam Spradlin

Samantha Dearman

Samantha Linton

Santana Martinez

Sarah Callaway

Sarah Spradlin

Savana Whitley

Savanna Shelnutt

Savannah Neuman

Savannah Smith

Scottino Family

Scottion Family

Sean Keys

Shayla Valles

Shelby Sanders

Shelnutt Family

Shires Family

Shockley Family

Sidney Mason

Sierra Browning

Skyler Mitchell

Smith/Linton Family

Sommerfeld Family

Spradlin Family

Staci Randall

Stevie Head

Sydney Mitchell

Sydnie Knowles

Syrah Mitchell

Tanner Courtney

Tanner Mercer

Tara Yerigan

Tate Branson

Tatum Newton

Taylor Branson

Taylor Grove

Taylor Hersh

Taylynn Burdette

Teddy Wininger

Tia Chatman

Tibmerly Jones

Tiffany Heathington

Tiffany White

Torrence Cline

Trent Harrison

Trey Barnett

Trey Freeman

Tristan Hawkins

Tristen Howton

Trivor Beardsley

Troy Davis

Turner Family

Ty Mills

Ty Rice

Tye Foster

Tyler Able

Tyler McMillen

Tyson Tarpley

Valles Family

Vance Family

Vanlandingham Family

Vaughn/Perchard Family

Victoria Alexander

Victoria Tubbs

Wesley Wienecke

Weston Vance

White Family

Whitewood Family

Whitney Carrol

Whitney Dunson

Wienecke Family

William Grant

William Schnarel

William Westerhaus

Wyatt Burdette

Wyatt Mercer

Wyatt Oldham

Wyatt Ray

Wyatt Wienecke

Young Family

Zachary Olson

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One golden heart, many golden dogs

January 3, 2015
One golden heart, many golden dogs

Christopher Cornwall of Cresson has a heart full of gold – golden retrievers, that is. And his attitude mirrors their personality.

“Golden retrievers are the happiest dogs on the face of the planet, and so am I,” he smiled.

Cornwall grew up with golden retrievers.

“Growing up, that’s all we ever had,” he said.

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Good night, sleep tight

January 3, 2015
Good night, sleep tight

Many children in Hood County were asking for beds this Christmas. The Salvation Army Women’s Service League of Hood County helped make some wishes come true. The Service League made a donation of 53 beds to Christmas for Children. From left are Joyce Brock, Marvin and Sue Hull owner of Mattress World, Anita Bransetter, Francine Raper, Genie Cass, Carolyn Miller, Kay Newman and Linda Dowell.

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Pipe organ will be featured on Twelfth day of Christmas

January 3, 2015
Pipe organ will be featured on Twelfth day of Christmas

Alissa Davis will be featured on the pipe organ Sunday, Jan. 4 as Good Shepherd Anglican Church presents Evensong. The afternoon of sung and spoken liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer begins at 3 p.m., celebrating the Twelfth Night of Christmas.

Davis is pursuing a Masters of Sacred Music at Southern Methodist University, where she studies organ with Dr.

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Weather stops music in Lipan

January 3, 2015

Joe Bass and fellow musicians usually perform every first Saturday of the month at the Lipan Community Center. Tonight’s performance has been cancelled due to inclement weather and other extenuating circumstances. They hope to resume the monthly music session in February.


Many of our beloved locals have been experiencing illnesses during the past two weeks.

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