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Theater turning up heat with drama

March 14, 2013


Things are heating up at the Granbury Theatre Company.
But the audience is quite comfortable with that – in fact, the hotter things are onstage, the more enjoyable things are for those watching.
Heated exchanges are the norm for the GTC’s production of “Twelve Angry Men.”
The show, one of the few non-musicals they present throughout the year, is running through May 30 at the old Granbury Live theater on the east side of the square.…

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Nothing little about this show’s impact

February 6, 2013

Throughout history women have exhibited strength. In the Granbury Theatre Company’s latest production, “Little Women,” four sisters and their mother rely on the strength of each other to get by. Jo (Daron Cockerell) longs to be a writer, Meg (Ashley Blaine) is thrilled with marriage and motherhood (she’s also the oldest), Beth (Sydney Abbott) dreams of being a famous pianist, and young Amy (Taylor O’Toole finds herself the socialite of the group.…

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Best and worst movies of 2012

January 20, 2013


1. The Life of Pi - Director Ang Lee’s story of a boy lost at sea on a lifeboat with a bengal tiger is much more than a tale of survival. It is a story of faith, filmed beautiful with one of the sharpest and most brilliant scripts in years.…

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No joke, see this show

January 11, 2013

An absolutely hilarious show is playing at the Granbury Theatre Company this month.
If you like laughing (and who doesn’t), you have to go see “Cash On Delivery.”
If it seems as though I’m raving, I am. I have seen many shows in Granbury at the Opera House, Granbury Live and now with the present group.…

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