They packed the house for Town Hall meeting

“I’ve lived here all my life,” County Commissioner Steve Berry told a standing room only crowd at the Granbury Resort Conference Center this evening. “I’ve seen the river. I’ve seen the lake come in. And now I fear that we will see the river back again,” he said in reference to the low water levels at Lake Granbury.  County and city officials joined the Lake Granbury Waterfront Owners Association and Friends (LWOA) for a Town Hall meeting to hear a report on the economic impact study, and to hear plans in jointly financing efforts to stop the Brazos River Authority from getting an additional permit to sell more water from the Brazos Basin, which includes Lake Granbury. The county has pledged $100,000 for legal fees and the city is expected to make their pledge in a meeting Tuesday. Business owners and homeowners were asked to contribute to the cause at the Town Hall meeting.